I schedule myself to clear up my room like once a month but who am I kidding, it usually ends up being once every 2 months if even. However, a recent trip to IKEA got me hooked on these new clothes racks and I promptly decided to kop 3 for my room to upgrade from my shitty Target ones that were falling apart. I suppose that’s really just a lame excuse and upgrading from one mass market retailer of made in China products to another with just a smidgeon more style isn’t really a big deal but to me it is! Anyway, this means that I just HAD to clear shit up, chuck stuff out and just clean up in general.

It’s like one of those little little things that affect your situation in total. Previously, my room was like just basic. Like bare, barren even. Problem was a lack of funds and lack of imagination. Now, I’m sleeping in leopard/zebra prinz quilt covers and my wardrobe’s actually got a touch of color! Even my desk got a bit of a spruce up. All these little things and the cleaner, neater, sleeker room just makes me feel that little bit better. Details matter.

IKEA Koppage

  • 3 x Turbo clothes racks
  • Lennart drawer unit (this doubles as my nightstand and spectacle/watch storage)
  • Kvart desk lamp as my nightlight
  • Samla boxes
  • Dokument pen cups
  • more Pokal glasses
  • Stromby picture frame (this doubles as my EDC repository, pic to come)
  • Ritva seat cushion
Other Koppage
  • Leopard, Zebra print quilt/pillow covers from K-Mart
  • Electric blanket, K-Mart
  • Kikkerland sound activated digital clock
  • Fred Flare Budget Cuts piggy bank
  • A4 cutting mat from dollar store
  • Nose shaped spectacles holder from Japan
  • Steady supply of Aloe Vera scented Kleenex for my runny nose

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