Ajeossi is what you call an uncle in Korean. It’s also the title of this 2010 flick by Lee Jeong Bom which is freakin’ kick ass. The english title makes it sound a little noirish and it is. A modern action oriented noir tinged thriller featuring a badass anti hero. You know how Korean movies can feature awesome action scenes like y’know Old Boy for instance? Yea, this one rivals it. In fact, I’m gonna just skip all the regular reviewing crap I spew with regards to “beautiful” cinematography or how the framing relates to whatever. Instead, I’ll just post this youtube video of the final fight scene.

That shit is like for me, straight into my all time top movie fights list for sure. But there’s actually a little more than just action to this film. There’s also the requisite melodrama as expected in any Korean film as well as a tinge of mystery and some social justice.

The central plot revolves around this nameless dude that runs a pawnshop. We later learn he’s more than he pretends to be but anyway he was pretty much just doing his emo thang when this lil girl decides she’s gonna recast him as her surrogate father whether he likes it or not. Her moms is a little bitch that stole some drugs from some dudes and is in a hella lotta trouble now. Emo dude just happens to be their neighbour and basically gets entangled in their problems. He tries to stay aloof and apart at first. However, because of his own history and how cutesy the lil girl is sposed to be, he decides to risk his life to get involved and save the day.

Cue shitloads of people getting beat up, close combat, gunfights, knifefights and the relentless attitude of the title character who’s played rather convincingly by Won Bin, whom my girl reckons is hot as fuck. You even get to see him doing a head shave scene where he goes from a frizzy, messy, long hair look to a clean cut look to match what could be an all black Dior Homme suit from like ’07 or something.