The Zebra Sharbo X multipen system is really cool. You get to make your own multipen. Whilst this concept isn’t particularly new, the Sharbo X is a rather nice example of it. The functionality is somewhat fixed. It can come with 3 functions just that one option must be a mechanical pencil. The other two functions, you can opt from a range of ballpoint pens, gel pens and also a stylus. I don’t actually need a stylus and I prefer ballpoints so I went with 2 ballpoints (sepia + blue/black) and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. Whilst it would be nice if you could choose no pencil, I can see that that would complicate the design for the pen.

The Sharbo X comes with a range of bodies for you to pick from. Basically, it’s made of 4 main pieces. There’s the front sheath, the body itself, a clip and a cap that unscrews to reveal an eraser. Yes you have to unscrew the cap to get to the eraser. I never use those erasers though. Removing the eraser provides access to the pencil lead reservoir.

My choice was for a Sharbo X LT3 with a khaki colored body that’s made out of brass. It feels nice and hefty, pretty well balanced and the writing feel is good. I don’t require the use of pens for any more than 5 minutes at a stretch so I’m not too fussed about ergonomics. You can also opt for other bodies made of aluminium or other materials. I just like the look of their matte brass series and I was right because the texture of the finish confers a fair amount of grip on the pen. One thing I was surprised with was the actual size. I was expecting it to be a bit fatter but in real life, it feels like a good sized pen, not slim but good and comfy.

The pen itself comes in this box that took me a while to figure out how to open. It’s not immediately obvious but it’s a decent acrylic container that I will probably never use. There are no instructions as to how to assemble/disassemble the pen so you have to figure it out yourself. I referenced the great Youtube.

Anyway, I had little trouble unscrewing the front piece and installing the ballpoints. The mechanical pencil took me a bit cos it took quite a fair amount of force to stuff it in. Once in though, it worked right. You know it’s in when the mechanical pencil part doesn’t fall off.

To use the pen, you basically turn it to one of 3 points aligned to the clip. These are marked on the shaft, with a rather minimal I, II and III. I is always the mechanical pencil. II and III are up to you. To retract the pens, simply turn the pen until it’s in between states.

I got the pen for roughly 3358Y in total plus shipping from @N. I also got another two more pens That works out to 42AUD, which is pricy but hey, it’s a premium pen with a really nice fit and finish that is otherwise unavailable to me at the moment. Also the best price I found online. Imagine the possibilities if you had more than one pen what you could do to the body color!