Strichtarnmuster is rain drop camo. It’s a very simple camouflage pattern made with an olive drab/khaki background and reddish/brown stripes running all over in slightly different angles, kinda like rain drops. It was issued for the East German military back in the 60s but was also used by a few other countries. More recently, streetwear brands have been adopting the pattern. These include the likes of Supreme, Rogue Territory, Nike and more recently, Huf. I’m sure there’s plenty more out there that I don’t know about but I’m not really into paying 100+ for a pair of pants with a simple pattern when I can scrounge around for some surplus shit that costs next to nothing. I totally lost out on an Ebay auction for a Supreme 5 panel though and am quite miffed about it. Still on the hunt for a reasonably priced pair of pants.

Fuck yea! Just found this awesome site, Gowen Militaria that specializes in East German stuff. Kopped a mint set of size 44 uniform for under $45. That includes the jacket and the pants shipped to Ozland.