This post is about fried eggs, rice & soy sauce. It’s definitely one of my fave b’fasts. Mostly because it takes me 2 minutes to prep including the washing up. Ok I’m exaggerating. Obviously, I need to have cooked rice at all times, which I do. What we do at home now is cook a big pot and portion it with clingwrap before popping them into the freezer. Everytime I want some rice, I just chuck a portion into the  microwave for 2 minutes. In that time, I just heat up a pan, drizzle some oil, pop the eggs and break out the soy sauce. Sometimes I even grab a knife and chop up some shallots. However, it’s not really the little time I waste but really just how good the triple threat tastes.

Oh yes, by the way, I actually really really like shallots right now. I think I have liked shallots since 2 years ago. It used to be my brother who loved them so much, he had mom carry this shallot dispenser thingey that had like dried-ish shallots or something everywhere they went and some dude in Japan got upset when he caught him using it. Whilst, I’m not that mad for shallots, I can say I totally understand why my brother likes ’em. Unlike onions, they don’t have an overtly sugary sweet flavour, it’s rounder instead but with a big kick in bite and sharpness.

But back to the dish at hand. FERSS. Fried eggs, rice and soy sauce. It’s sooooo simple. But soooo good. You got the starchy goodness of rice that fills you up, the crispy egg whites, the luscious yolks and the savoury/umami bang of the soy that just takes the yolks in particular to the next level. A touch of white pepper is also really nice too. It’s not really a breakfast dish per se, I mean I’ve eaten it for lunch as well and even dinner on the odd occasion and not just because I’m lazy. Hell, at least I broke out a pan, cooked shit and washed up.

For a perfect FERSS, you have to get all the elements right and obviously, you’re free to have whatever you prefer but here’s how I like mine.

With the rice, I think I’m mad for Japanese/Korean short grain. Maybe it’s because I can’t find a good brand of med/long grain rice but there’s something about even just Nishiki that gets me. The flavor. I think a lot of people have this problem with rice. In my youth, I’d say that whilst I always looked forward to the meat and seafood, I still ate loads of rice. Grandma used to call me “fan tong”/rice bucket in Cantonese. I ate loads of rice. I can and have eaten rice all by itself but only if it’s cooked perfectly, which to me is “al dente” but also fluffy and starchy and flavorful. I don’t need to eat rice but if it was all I had to eat, I would lap it up happily. I think I had this tangent somewhere about rice cookers and the diminishing of Asian tradition and culture epitomised by the uniform blandness of modern cooked rice aided and abetted in no small part by the influx of barbarian cuisines from pale skinned folk but I think it will upgrade into another post entirely.

The rice provides the bulk but you need some protein to round things out and provide some interest. Enter the eggs. With the eggs, they just have to be fried. Preferably crispy fried and ugly, with boils and bubbles but also smoother flat portions. I abhor fried eggs that are totally flat and cooked evenly such that the whites are clean, even the bottoms. You know like some hotel fried eggs or the kind of fried eggs you see in Japanese plastic recreations. I used to do that all the time just to practice restraint and control but that’s just so sterile an end result. I mean, obviously, my smoking oil exacerbated eggs aren’t a health freak’s best friend but that’s the reason they’re so good. Crispy, even crunchy on the outer ring that progresses into silky white and golden yolk. I cannot understand why people don’t like warm liquid egg yolk or at least almost solid but still moggy yolk like in ramen eggs. I hate overcooked egg yolks. Just eat some dry custard powder why don’t you.

The soy completes the trio. Salt just doesn’t do the trick. I know some people use Maggi Seasoning or fish sauce but I just like plain soy sauce. Sometimes, thick dark soy is also really good but most of the time, straight up soy. I could probably drink a bottle of that stuff. Particularly light soy. A good, slightly sweetish and not too salty light soy. Sign me up to chug a bottle down.

Actually I’ve been cravin’ FERSS for like 2 weeks and finally had some like 20 minutes ago before I decided to dump this crap on here. It’s soooo good that I want more. Unfortunately, I don’t have any free time until Saturday.