I like black stuff. I like black food. Like char siew for instance. Whenever I see something black, I think it’s got an overdose of maillard reactions which means it’ll taste awesome or at least deep and rich and dark. From coffee to sesame seeds to squid ink pasta, I like black food. I once compiled a list of black foods with which I intended to make an all black everything dish. This was before Soulja Boy mind.

Anyway, the latest black food I’ve been eating, well drinking a lot of, is this Korean black bean soy drink. The brand is Sahm Yook and they call it a Black Bean Soy Drink but I reckon it’s just blended up black soy beans and they got the etymology for the product grammatically wrong is all.

The stuff I buy comes in a pack of 20 tearaway packs. Total damage amounts to around AUD$14. They also provide straws but I just tear a hole and pour it into a glass. Anyway, whilst the ingredient is black and all but the end result, the liquid isn’t. It’s just brown really, like milk tea or milk coffee. Flavour wise, it’s really exactly like what I thought it was gonna be, a deep, roasty, darker version of regular soy which can sometimes taste a little green as well. This stuff though, has like no green at all, just roasty toasty flavors. It’s really good in my opinion but like most soy milks, it still has that slightly cloying aftertaste at the back of your throat that promotes a lot of phlegm. Water does the trick.

You can also get black sesame soy drinks but the flavor is totally different. I much prefer the black soy beans which have a singular profile whereas with the black sesame soy, you can taste the two distinct flavors which go well together but just something about the flavour of the black soy beans is better for me. Incidentally the black sesame soy is gray in color.

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