Finally found the time to watch some shit at long last and I just can’t stop with this one. Golgo 13. It’s 50 episodes long and based on the old school manga of the same name. There’s also 2 animated films as well as 2 live action ones, with Ken Takakura and Sonny Chiba playing the title roles in each one.  The story is explicitly simple. Golgo 13 is the nickname/codename for Duke Togo, a Japanese assassin for hire. He doesn’t really have too many scruples about who his targets are but just gets his job done if he accepts. He explores everything about a mark before crafting a plan wherein the success rate is as high as possible. I suppose you could say he takes assassination to its logical extreme.

Assassin characters interest me a lot. I guess it’s cos I usually feel like a bit of a loner on a mission. Golgo 13 isn’t unlike say Alain Delon in Le Samourai minus the frailty or Leon The Professional minus the soft emotional/lolita loving core. He’s the consummate professional, someone who just does the job. Stony faced, resolute and typically calm as all hell, nothing stands in his way or distracts him. He’s almost always prepared and almost always alone.

So far, out of 50 episodes, I’ve watched him take out a hijacker from 2km away with a Weatherby rifle, a pair of assassin brothers with a modified M16 and a mafia boss, his bodyguard plus the woman who hired him after she turned on him. He’s also into hoes, just so you know, there’s usually some kinda fuck scene in each episode, just to show how hardcore machismo Golgo is. Except when the hoe points a gun at him.

There aren’t long drawn out action scenes with craptons of emotional reviews of previous episodes. It’s just a mark, the casing and the hit. Straightforward and simple, with the explanations for his peculiar actions being the brunt of the plot interest. Like why he picked a particular building further away than others for a particular hit or why he deliberately exposed himself in a gun battle in order to estimate the enemy’s capabilities and bring himself into a superior tactical position.

The fanboy fawning bits would be in terms of hardware and the customs he gets his engineer friend to make for him and also the forensic analysis moments.

When your life is on the line, you can’t fuck up. You only really have one shot so you have to make sure it counts. Prepping beforehand is not just essential, it is everything there is. Vid below is just a fanmade AMV but it’s the best one I found.