I have this issue with progression. Things need to keep changing and moving dynamically for me or at least, it needs to feel like it. I tend to want to fool myself into thinking I’m improving myself, usually because I threw some money away.

Keys are like a great indicator of one’s status in life. For the longest time, I only ever carried 2 keys on a shitty ring. One for the front door, one for the back, the latter I hardly ever used. I revelled in this minimalist keyness for a time. Then, seeds of discontent began to grow and I began to have this unsettling feeling that 2 keys wasn’t enough. I mean, for starters, where the fuck are the car keys? Keys open doors man. I need more shit on my keychain!

I didn’t get more keys though, I got a LED light attachment from Japan which actually turned out useful. I use it to light the way in the dark when I take out the trash or just to find the keyhole some dark nights. I’ve also disabled a rapist once but I think it may have been me shining the light in my own eye.

Next addition was the work key. Oh it’s actually a key! This is when you step up enough that you have to open the doors at work. Or in my case, step back? I used to have the same key working breakfast shifts and now its back haha. I missed working brekkie really, love cooking eggs. Now I’m back on brekkie which I actually enjoy at the moment.

But my empty life wasn’t gonna hold me down. I was determined to add more useless rubbish to my keychain to try to fill the gaping maw.

Enter the SAK. Mine’s the woodland camo print Tinker. You can see in the photos (2 sets of pics shown some when the SAK was new), the print’s already starting to fade away and it’s maybe a month old? Haha. Will replace it with a Leatherman Squirt PS4 (it has pliers which is something I want) in the future I reckon. It’s just a little bulky for me but it’s also the thing I always pick out in my pocket to fish out my keys. I use this to mostly cut stuff open, like the tape on the delivery boxes and stuff like that. I have used the can opener once! I like that it kinda matches colorwise with my LED and my leopard print house key.

I also really wanted a nicer keychain ring than the bog standard ones so I scrambled for this black split ring one from x-kaijin-x. It’s really a brass ring that’s been painted black because the first key I put through it took out some color already and I suppose for some people it’s got a nice, worn in look already but I was kinda annoyed that the paint wasn’t more wear resistant. Size wise, I could have probably done with something a mite larger but I like how solid it feels. It didn’t play so nice with my work key, which is pretty hefty and totally turned the edge a copper color.

Next up are two just in case items. I next to never forget to bring a sharpie and a pen to work but never say never. So I thought I wanted to always have one of those on my keychain. So I kopped a pack of mini sharpies and a Zebra Penpod. You can see in the pic as well, all the print on the sharpie is like totally gone and it’s only been 2 weeks. The Penpod’s markings are still visible. I like the Penpod. It’s small and writes reasonably well. It’s also pretty cheap and looks good.

Waiting on the car keys hehehe.

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