I have this idea. I’m gonna make this room divider. Actually I had this idea for 2 years now. This year I’m gonna make it happen. So I’m gonna steal a lotta milk crates, like 16 to start with so I have this 4 x 4 square shelf made out of milk crates. I’ll turn them sideways so they form cabinets and tie em together with cableties. I’m also gonna clean and spray them all white. I haven’t decided on the exact arrangement but some of em will face one direction and others in the other. The bottom rung, I’ll put milk bottles filled with water, spraypainted white, with the labels removed to form some kinda weight for support.

Inside the crates, I’ll just put transparent sheets so there’s a proper surface in each “shelf”. I’m gonna fill it up with all my tee shirts, towels, underwear, sweaters, shoes and toys. It’s gonna be like this super budget Expedit with a more structural looking aesthetic. Like if Konstantin Grcic was so broke he decided to go on Apartment Therapy fulltime. Then I’ll hang my posters on the side facing my table. It’s gonna be like this awesome room divider that I’ll sell for a million bucks when I move house again.

So far, I’ve had to drop the spraypaint idea as that just costs wayyyy too much. First off, I’ve learned that in Australia, they keep spray paint on locked shelves here and they cost $10 a can or so. A more practical method would be to get a proper spray painter but that would cost me post $100 just for the machine alone. Add the paint for a one off? Just not worth it.

I’ve just collected 7 red crates and 1 black one. It ain’t hard to rip them from work but I’m just lazy and keep procrastinating. I really wish I could find white ones but we only ever get red ones at work. I’ve seen blue, green and gray ones around but red is the most common color. Might run with red and paint in future. Or scour the streets in the early hours for more black ones.

My milkshelf keeps all my jawns from da floor
and I’m like it’s bedda than yours
damn right it’s bedda than yours