For some inexplicable reason, I managed to lose my headphones. I loved my Etymotic HF2s. They had a great clear sound and awesome levels of sound isolation. The quiet was the best part. Nothing but the music. But I lost em. How I will never know. I’m still hoping they’ll turn up somewhere tucked away in a jacket or something.

Anyway, I need headphones. After losing my HF2s, I had to resort to using the iPhone cans. Those suck balls. I couldn’t even get em to stay in the ear when I was walking, nevermind my intended jogging. I had to get new ones.

My budget was $100. My HF2s actually cost me a pretty bundle but because I don’t travel much nowadays and probably mostly just use headphones for jogging, I couldn’t justify anything above $100. Research on led to me a few options but ultimately, I went for the Shure SE215.

Why? Well, I always wanted to try Shure. Not shure if it’s because of their branding or whatever but probably because of their totally unusual design. I feel like an old man with a hearing aid basically.

So I finally received them, shipped from HK via eBay for $95 less than a week ago. First off, I was impressed with the build quality for the price. The cables feel nice and thick, much better than most headphones out there. The connections and everything just feel pretty solid and it looks like it can take some punishment. The SE215s also feature detachable cables. You can actually unplug the unit from the cable itself. That functionality probably isn’t something I require but whatever. The phones also come with a zipper carrying case, 6 sets of tips and some instructions and shit. I had a hard time figuring out how to put em on exactly and I think I might’ve spent maybe 20 minutes getting the right tips and fit. I think I like the silicone sleeve medium tips best but I do miss the tri-flange edited into bi-flange tip from my HF2s. I just can’t roll with the compressible foam ones. They always feel weird to me.

Sound wise, well, it’s good. Not amazing awesome or whatever but really really good. I think I prefer the sound over the HF2s. One thing I wanted from my new phones was a bit more bass and warmth because I started listening to a lot of dubstep and hip-hop. The SE215s certainly deliver in that department. I mean, they’re not really thoop thoop thoop headphones but they can bring the deep for shure. They also sound a lot warmer than the reference style Etymotics but they also seem to match quite a few genres, at least most of the stuff I’m listening to at the moment; Dubstep, Chillwave, Hip-Hop, K-Pop.

I wore em out for maybe 3 hours just then and I feel a bit tired but I think it’s mostly to do with the fact that I left the volume on almost halfway. For the most part, they hardly budged from when I left the house. I moved them only when I hit the toilet once. Isolation was great. Hardly heard most stuff but it’s not so isolated that you’re unaware of your surroundings. Good bang for buck imo.