How much bubble tea can a man drank? Well. A lot it appears. Every day I get an off day, I slug one or two down. Chatime has changed the bubble tea game for me. Instead of Easyway’s primarily fruit based offerings, you get that plus you get different types of tea as well. Stuff like Blue Mountain Green Tea or Tibetan Milk Tea or Smoked Plum or Longan and Red Date. It’s super Asian and totally unadulterated in flavor. There’s no pandering to anyone except yellow skins. I just can’t live without tapioca pearls in the interstices of my teeth. So far I find the outlet on George Street across from World Square to have the overall best quality and consistency.

My faves.

  1. Premium Pearl Milk Tea Рfor this they use their Sun Moon Lake tea, which tastes like a good/decent version of a  regular pearl milk tea. Their normal PMT sucks balls.
  2. Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea – chin chow in the mix is win.
  3. Honey Pomelo Juice – for those days when I want something bright and clean flavored.
  4. Matcha Milk Tea – I don’t really like the red bean matcha. I just like the matcha without the red beans.
  5. Passionfruit QQ – pearls plus coconut jelly plus my fave fake fruit flava.

One thing to note is I highly recommend asking for at least half sugar, if not 1/4. Reason being they put hella loads of sugar and most of the toppings already have some sugar content so there’s not really much need for extra. With the PPMT, I ask for zero sugar or 1/4 sugar. The pearls are sweet enough for me.

Things to never get.

  1. Special Smoked Plum – only for those who really really like/know what smoked plums taste like.
  2. Egg Custard – waste of time really.
  3. Pearl Milk Tea – the regular PMT is total BS. would not pass for PMT in Taiwan.
  4. Grapefruit QQ – the grapefruit flavor is crap, wayyy too orangey.

Amongst my housemates, we like call it Ch- Teem. Like a silentish a and teem instead of Cha-time. Reason why is I was in the queue at Easyway once when this group of teenaged girls were behind me around the time when Chatime first started opening up shops everywhere. This fat girl asked, “Hey, have you guys tried Ch-teem? Or whatever? Is it any good?”. I cracked up inside and wondered how far off the track her parents were in terms of getting their kids up to cultural speed. I mean, the fattie was clearly of Chinese descent and anyway, Chinese, Koreans and Japanese all use the same term for tea. Cha. How do you fuck that up? Ch-teem? Girl you need to go for some cultural immersion or some shit.