All cars should have more than one color. I say that the old school way of monochrome cars should die! Unicolor cars are boring as fuck and only murdered out cars are truly monochromatic anyway. The monochrome concept is surely a 20th century idea. In this day and age, we should have cars that are more customisable and less boring. So far, the cars that I like have multi color panel options. The Audi R8, the Mini, the Toyota FJ Cruiser and the entire line of Smart cars. Now I can add the Audi A1 to that list.

Audi lets you pick a contrasting color for the roof arch, so you can get like a cream colored car with black or charcoal contrast, which gives it a very distinct look. Personally, I like the Amalfi White with Daytona Grey roof arch or the Shiraz Red / Brilliant Black.

The options on the roof arch colors are somewhat limited. To control the look, they basically only allow same as the body color or a selection of anywhere from 2 to 5 neutral colors like white/black/silver/dark gray/off white. I think visually, on the website at least, the more subtle options look the best but I recall stopping to take more than just a second stare at a bright red A1 on the street with a bright white trim. It’s definitely a very handsome car and the details like those killer headlights and the front grille make it a winner for me.