So Fifa 12 is has been out for a bit now. The shocker though, is that it’s already out for the Mac. That’s right Mac.

Out for OSX Snow Leopard and up is Fifa 12 and I just bought and played it for a couple matches. I’ve got to say, early impressions are good although on my older iMac, performance is a touch sketchy and doesn’t feel smooth and the controls are terrible. I mean, I can’t even set my keyboard effectively to go through screens and stuff which is a hassle. In the pick up games, I was able to use more of the controls effectively but it took me about 10 minutes to get right. In the career mode though, I somehow don’t have access to a full keyboard control and won my first friendly as Northampton Town 2-0 with just pass and shoot. Ridic! Still gonna pick up the PS3 version because at the moment, on my Mac it’s kinda unplayable.

I really like the new player impact engine. There’s a lot more chance involved in terms of players movement and collisions and stuff. You definitely feel the difference as the ball can go just about anywhere sometimes. One problem I noticed might be when you’ve got 2 players getting close to the ball and one guy gets it but gets tackled by your mate because he knocks into him.

I haven’t played Fifa 11 but the difference between Fifa 12 and Fifa 10 is massive. I much prefer the non static player movement in the default Fifa 12. They don’t just stand around whether you’re attacking or defending and it feels less robotic and static.

Goalkeepers feel useless so far though. I played a World Class friendly between Pool and Everton and lost 5-2. Scored two absurdly easy goals with Suarez just moving inside the box receiving the ball, turning and shooting. Likewise, the goals I conceded were in part due to my lack of understanding of the controls and also the superior finishing quality or the lack of goalkeeping quality. It felt a little arcadey.

The front end and everything is also much improved. I like how it kinda almost feels like Football Manager even when I was dabbling in Career Mode. There’s news items and stuff that keep you updated and a calendar so time feels more important.

Atm I’m like 30 games into a 46 game League 2 season with Crewe Alexandra and I’m 2nd on the table. I only slipped up cos I had to rotate players a bit what with my League Cup Semi Final appearance and awesome run in the F.A Cup. Really enjoying it at the moment more so than when I picked up Fifa 10 for sure.