This is a list of my top 25 favourite soft drinks. It’s really limited to whatever I’ve had the fortune to try. The mix includes American mass market, Australian, Singaporean, Japanese and some Eurotrash. I managed to try some U.S stuff and I’ll tell you right now. High frustose corn syrup sucks balls. There’s heaps of stuff I can’t include but I think at the moment anyway, this is how things stand.

  1. Coke Zero – Hands down my goto. Mostly because it’s cheap and easy to get.
  2. Calpis Soda – Actually my real goto but something I can’t afford in Australia.
  3. Orangina Blood Orange – Favorite fruit based.
  4. A&W Root Beer – C’mon vanilla in dat sarsparilla!
  5. Pokka Chrysanthenum White Tea – Favorite tea.
  6. Fanta Grape – Other fave fruit based.
  7. Calpis Zero Grape Soda – Combo!!! Put #2 & #6 together and you get this pseudo fermented yoghurt soda flavored with grapes that has a pinot noir experience. Almost.
  8. San Pellegrino Chinotto – Yea, the first luxe soda is a lovely bitter citrus.
  9. Lorina Pink Lemonade – I think in terms of texture, Lorina is hard to beat, it feels luxe or maybe it’s just the price tag doing things to my brain.
  10. Kirin Red Tea – widely available in Japan and Shanghai. Best without milk.
  11. Pokka Melon Milk – oh man, smooth creamy melons.
  12. Milkis – K version of Calpis Soda that has a sharper flavour.
  13. Heaven & Earth Green Tea – Coke’s green tea in Singapore is less sweet compared to its main rival.
  14. Yeo’s Lychee Drink – Loved this most when I was a kid.
  15. Kickapoo – Singapore’s Mountain Dew!
  16. Sockerdricka – Minimalist sugar flavored soda from Sweden.
  17. Chilsung Cider – Korean Cider. Nice and light.
  18. Solo Low Carb – This is like the only Aussie soda I think is ok. It’s basically not cloyingly sweet and oversour at the same time like regular Solo.
  19. Pocari Sweat – really awesome after exercise. Otherwise tastes like sweat.
  20. Yeo’s Soy Bean Milk – Given the ease of getting fresh Soy Bean Milk almost everywhere and the late 90s emergence of premium carton Soy Bean Milks, the fact that Yeo’s canned version still exists is testament to it’s importance in the pantheon of Singaporean Soft Drinks.
  21. Pokka Peach Tea – I like most of the Pokka fruit tea range but this is my fave.
  22. Seasons Ice Lemon Tea – there was a time when this was the ultimate.
  23. Pokka Lemon & Kalamansi – totally made in SG.
  24. 100 Plus – carbonated isotonics for the choke!
  25. Coke – sometimes I just drink regular Coke.
If/When I run my soda company, I’m defo gonna make a watermelon soda. Watermelon son. Artificial watermelon. and I’ll call it Melons.