I have wanted a multitool for a while now, makes sense to have something handy which can help out in some situations, just everyday shits nothing serious. I mean, the number of times I’ve used my kitchen knives to open boxes makes me weep. Not to mention those hard plastic wrap packaging things, you know the kind that can hang off a shelf holder and there’s no way to open em save destroying them.

Perhaps it was a strange irony then, that I received a package today for my brand new Victorinox Tinker with a Mossy Oak Camo finish that just happened to come in a hard plastic packaging that I needed to destroy. I resorted to brute force. It wasn’t very pretty but I ripped it apart basically.

Anyway, I like the Tinker cos it’s got everything I could possibly need and none of the stuff I don’t plus it’s small and compact enough for a keychain. The knife is sufficient for all the menial little things I need to cut, like clothes tags or packages of shit I buy or this refill pack of liquid soap. It also has two screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a can opener, a sewing threader, a pair of tweezers, a wire stripper, a toothpick and a smaller knife. I don’t really need the smaller knife but whatever, it was cheap and it does the trick.

The pic is from when it was brand new, now 3 months in, the print is like uber faded just from being in my pants 5 days a week.