I recently injured my thumb at work. As a result, I had to go to the hospital. The day of my injury, I went to the hospital myself just after 2pm and left about 10:30pm, for a cut thumb. I suppose my injury wasn’t serious and there were plenty of other people waiting but it did highlight to me the drastic underfunding going on in Sydney’s hospitals. I had to wait 2 hours before the first doctor took a look at me and then referred me to the hands surgeon. Waiting for that dude took another 2.5 hrs. He took a look and told me he was gonna be back in 5-10 mins. He never returned! I waited another hour and this other doctor says he’ll take care of me but leaves and should return in 30-45 mins. I waited another 2 hours and finally, finally, he stitches me back up again.

Obviously, the amount of time I had to wait was agonizing and I suppose I don’t have much right to complain given that I’d lose a thumb tip at worst but I am seriously not keen to find out just how long one would have to wait if the situation were critical. I was even told whilst my thumb was getting fixed that 22 other people were waiting for an operation that night. I felt bad that they weren’t taking care of someone whose life was in danger.

Anyway, fast forward a week and I go back to the hospital for a check up. Actually wind back 2 days from a week. So I’m trying to call to make an appointment. I relentlessly press the call back button for about 2.5hrs trying to get through and finally, this woman picks up but she asks me to call back! I tell her I’d been trying for hours, please no but she didn’t give a shit. I decide to walk to the hospital to make my appointment. On the way, I stop for some McDs and finally manage to get through to make an appointment for yesterday.

So yesterday I go to the hospital at the scheduled time of 9:30am. I wait for about an hour before I can get registered and then another hour before I get seated behind some curtains with 3 other mofos with hand/arm injuries. When the doctor finally arrives, I have to remove my own bandage. After I’m done, she just takes a look, declares that it’s good and scribbles down my ¬†details and that I need to be redressed and to come back in a week. She walks off but I have no clue if she’s done. The nurse proceeds to take this kit out. It has a tray, some cotton wipes and some saline plus mini tongs and a big band aid. She wets the wipes and dabs my thumb so gently she might not have bothered at all. It’s still full of blood and shit. When she puts the band aid on, she puts the padded bit on the side of my thumb when the wound is at the tip. Then she just folds down the flappy top. It looks way too stupid but she doesn’t want to waste another band aid so she comes up with the epiphany of using some tape. Which she also fucks up. I’ve got a flappy bit of tape around my thumb now. Ok at least, I’ve got a halfarse bandaid around my uncleaned thumb. So am I done? I have no clue. The doctor didn’t say anything. I ask if I’m ok to go back to work and then the nurse admonishes me for not asking earlier. WTF? Ok the doctor is finally free to turn her head for a quick question and her reply is a straightforward no. Right do you need an MC? Yes. Why didn’t you ask earlier? WTF? Aren’t you supposed to give me one if you’re telling me I can’t work? Scolded by the lazy imbecile nurse twice! I didn’t give her any shit as she was a middle aged Chinese lady and my own Chinese upbringing tells me I’m not to be rude. I should’ve been.

I got the same crap from another middle aged Chinese lady again the same afternoon as well. This time at the post office. I managed to sell a jacket to this dude in Germany and wanted to ship it to him preferably with tracking. I looked at the website beforehand and it clearly shows that the Express Post would be trackable. I go to the post office and she tells me the only tracking option is courier. I don’t get this. Why give me tracking only for the 2-4 day delivery premium options and not the 3-10 day ones where there’s a gap. There’s also a 3-7 day option that costs more and doesn’t offer anything extra. Ok nevermind so she reconfirms with someone on a laptop in the office that Express = no tracking. So I look like a jackass because I told the German guy he’d probably get tracking. Nevermind, it still cost me 80 bucks to ship. Fuck! I also request for confirmation on delivery and the bitch was like, “What confirmation? What delivery?” in her Hongkie accent. I’m like, “Y’know so I get notified if it’s delivered?”. And then she finally scrolls through the archaic green on black computer screen to get me delivery notification.

All in all, a terrible day for me with middle aged Chinese aunties. Seriously. Was the nurse even trained? She couldn’t do a fucking band aid!