On Saturday, I had the morning off with the girl so we decided to make Bill’s hotcakes, which are basically pancakes+ricotta. I loved pancakes when I was a kid and the McDs version is ok but I can never get past the 2nd one. Just too cloying and heavy and their syrup isn’t my fave. Nevermind the margarine on the side.

Bill’s version puts extra flavor via the ricotta but that also heavifies the pancakes, something that’s not good. To counter this effect, he whisks the whites in separately. It’s a simple pancake trick that works well but just takes a little more time and washing up.

However, if you make it without the ricotta entirely, you get a really fluffy textured pancake. One thing I’m impressed with if you get hotcakes at Bill’s though, is the height of each flapjack. It’s really fat and puffy. I keep making flat ones. Maybe I should give the baking powder some time huh?

Anyway, I’m definitely sticking on a whisked egg white lightened pancake on my future menu with knobs of butter and maple flavoured syrup on the side. I actually prefer the fake flavoured stuff to real maple syrup. I dunno why. Bananas and double cream optional extra.

The pic below I had a blueberry compote too. Way too complicated but well really nice anyway. Smashed any of the pancakes you can get in Sydney minus Bills. Look at dat saus.

Pok’s Ricottaless Hotcakes for 2

  • 150g flour
  • pinch baking soda
  • big pinch salt
  • mix dry shit together
  • 2 eggs separate
  • plop yolks on dry mix
  • add 200ml milk to mix, heat pan
  • whisk whites
  • fold in
  • melt butter/clarify in pan
  • pour mix in, flip when it moves if you shake the pan
  • pour copious syrup, add extra cold butter

So far, I know the most common and advisable variation to a basic recipe like this is to use buckwheat flour and buttermilk. Actually, I’m keen to keep the batter as light as possible so I’m more interested in using say, beer/stout instead of milk and keeping the fats outside like a dollop of double cream or just good cold butter. Not so light it’s like a syrup drenched souffle but you know, a puffy flappy.

The salt is prolly the most important addition. Don’t skimp. If you put too much, just make a savoury version with creme fraiche, smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise. Oh wait. Creme fraiche+wasabi, smoked salmon, spinach, slow cooked eggs and sesame dressing. Mmm. Next level Eggs Benihana.