In Singapore, I think I was informed by my authoritarian education system that 70% of the population existed within these horrid little dwellings called HDB flats that are really the dodgiest apartment blocks ever. My dad’s an architect and he worked for the HDB back when I soiled myself and was probably responsible for some of the terribleness. I kid.

Actually, HDB flats are pretty awesome. Expensive as all hell for public housing but awesome. They work well, there’s heaps of parking and everything is kept clean and tidy. Every once in a while, there’s this thing called upgrading, where the whole block of flats gets a repaint, gets refitted with lifts that stop on every floor (some old ones did alternate floors), got cleaned up garbage chutes maybe or had a new playground/Bball court. Something useful, something worth spending your money on even if it’s really just a facile political exercise to get the post 40 and less educated crowd to vote in favor of the party that took blatant responsibility for the upgrading. Case in point, one of the minority party ruled burbs never got upgraded since they were built in the 70s until relatively recently when the majority party won.

Last week, here in Crows Nest, NSW, Australia, they ripped out the floor of this small local space. This dude with a buzzsaw was cutting tiles as his colleagues worked away in full public view. This would never happen in Singapore. There would be things like boards put up so you don’t see the buzzsaw, shielding the work from prying eyes and avoiding sticky public liability issues. Anyway. They’re relaying the tiles in this mini park. Ok wow, I thought, they’re gonna do something!

Fast forward a week and the tiling crew is done. The end result? A third of the tiled area in the park has been retiled to a smoother looking fake marbley tile that’s totally different from the old tiles, which are still there. So they basically just took out like 20 tiles and put back some new different looking ones. They don’t look better. They look misplaced. In fact, they look more like indoor suitable tiles. Slippery when wet.

I’m still wondering who pays for this shit and why the fuck they do it. Does some council idiot actually approve of these “works”? Which poor sod/s has to fund this pathetic waste of time? How much does the girl holding the stop sign “directing” traffic get paid? Could you buy a stop sign that could stand by itself instead? What about the dust and shit that flew everywhere? Is some asthmatic gonna get compo now? Why those tiles? Why not even halfdone? What the fuck?

Seriously. All construction that impinges on the flow of traffic on even the tiniest road has to hire a guy/s in construction uniform to hold a stop sign all day. Like all day, all they do is hold a fucking sign and get paid. I saw some dudes working on a pipe outside my house and there’s 2 girls holding stop signs. 2! How much per annum? Tell the hordes of wannabe immigrants to Australia. They’ll probably take 6k a year to do that. Hold a fucking sign 5 days a week with medical and paid leave plus an iPod.