Outrage is Beat Takeshi’s 2010 yakuza flick that is unlike any of his earlier yakuza films Hana-Bi, Sonatine or Brother. Those earlier films had an emotional core, even if his lead character in those films tended to being distant, silent and aloof. In those films, the relationships between people seemed to matter and the lives were worth something.

You’ll get little of that in Outrage. It was conceived with the death scenes first and then the story was written around them. Basically, it’s like Hana-Bi, Sonatine or Brother fully focused on the violent action scenes that I suppose is one of the things that Takeshi is great at. Not to say that the story is shit. It’s really simplistic but the main draw is definitely the violent scenes. Like when a ramen owner gets his ear stabbed with a pair of chopsticks or when a guy tries to chop his finger off with a retractable knife. I say try because it’s ridiculous. There’s also one scene when Beat Takeshi gets busy with a dentist’s drill.

Overall, I’d say the film is ok, entertaining if you like the action and stuff. The story simply revolves around the dark, double crossing nature of yakuza and how it’s all gonna be just one big bloodbath at the end. It starts with Takeshi playing underboss Otomo in a big yakuza family. He works for Ikemoto, who’s sly as a fox and working with Murase, someone outside the family. The family head honcho decides that it’s not kosher so Ikemoto orders Otomo to create a small disturbance with Murase’s men.

Of course, one small thing leads to another and each character seems to want to have their own angle on things. Ikemoto just really wants to work both sides. Murase want in with the family. The big boss is really scheming on them as well. Otomo is old school. He’s pretty much caught in the middle and tries to do his best the only way he knows how, which is to bust ass. Eventually, the guys higher up the ladder decide Otomo’s better off being dead and he gets hunted down together with all his men.

There’s little touches of Beat Takeshi flourishes. Like the baseball game at the end in prison. Otomo gives himself up and goes to jail to save himself and watches a baseball game where the team gets struck out and they changeover. A poignant little metaphor for the life of the yakuza.

One interesting tidbit about the film is that no actors from previous Beat Takeshi films were used except Takeshi himself. Instead, you get to see some other guys like Ryo Kase and Kippei Shiina who play his underlings. Ryo Kase was previously in Letters From Iwo Jima and uses his English to good effect. It’s the one side story about him running an illegal casino with the Gbanan embassy as its front that provides some of the humor for the show. Kippei Shiina is a regular TV actor with a few film roles but really shines here.

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One of the more spectacular death scenes involving a rope, a hood and a speeding car.


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