Fruit & Nut!!! Cadbury FRUIT & NUT!!! FRUIT & NUT!!!

Whether you think Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut sounds a little frute swag or not, it is the awesome sauce. So typically, I always buy a couple bars a month or so. It’s part of my regular snack rotation. However, my head chef recently bought something I think is even better than the bars. It’s choc coated fruit and nut balls. Also from Cadbury but instead of a candy bar, it’s choc coated balls. The major benefit is that the contrasting flavor of choc/raisin or choc/nut is better. I personally feel that Cadbury’s milk choc sucks. The one major exception is if you couple it with raisins and almonds. Together. Eating the choc balls provides less milk choc, more fruit & nut. Or at least, my tongue seems to think that way, therefore I conclude that Cadbury Fruit & Nut choc coated balls are the best thing since Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars.

When I grow up, I’m making a Fruit & Nut Ice Cream by melting Cadbury milk choc bars into an anglaise and then adding muscatels, salted grapes and toasted almonds.