This is the Konosuke HD Wa Sujihiki, 270mm of 61HRC semi stainless made in Sakai City, Japan. My X’mas pressie hohoho. Well, a belated one but whatever. It cost about $280 after shipping. Actually, my first choice was the Konosuke White #2 suji, which is about ~$15 less but I mulled over the fact that it wasn’t stainless. The Stainless version of the same knife but it too was out of stock. I even considered opting for a Suisin, which is about $100 more.

Then I saw the HD version, which hitherto was unbeknownst to me somehow. I was shopping at CKTG and somehow when I sorted the knives by Sujihikis, these were hidden. I browsed through the Konosuke HD series and found it and it didn’t take long to make the decision. Combining the functionality of stainless steel with the edge holding and taking capability of white steel, this would’ve easily been my first choice, particularly at the price paid.

The first thing I notice about the knife is the box. The top is textured and feels really nice. It’s also really long. Inside the knife is sheathed in a hard but thin cardboard sheathe. I also opted to pay $20 for the optional saya, which is the wooden sheathe with a pin. You’re supposed to drill a hole on the end for the pin to go through but I haven’t done that yet. Probably won’t for a bit either since I haven’t got a drill. Anyway, even the stuff aside from the thing itself looks and feels impressive.

The next thing I notice is the lightness. It’s absurd. It feels nimble. Long but nimble. Incredibly lightweight but firm. I stare at the blade. The Konosuke HD branding is etched into the blade itself, which is smooth and uniform. It’s also super thin. The bevel is nearly nonexistent. You can’t see it with the naked eye. The spine is smoothed out, which is a really nice touch. The handle feels really nice too and the buffalo horn ferrule is well finished. The point where the blade joins the handle has been filled and smoothed out and you can smell the burnt wood. In short, the manufacturing quality is absolutely superb. I can say without a doubt, this knife looks and feels amazing compared to any of the stuff I’ve seen in stores, from Shuns to Globals and Wusthofs and other mid tier stuff. Price wise, it’s not much more either.

These type of handmade knives tend not to be finished sharp out the box but without touching any stones or whatever, it feels mad already. It’s easily the sharpest, cleanest knife I’ve felt/used thus far. I breezed through an apple on the first day playing with it and since then, I’ve filleted a few fish with another knife and then used it to slice some “sashimi”. Sick. Clean and beautifully smooth. I’ve then gone onto putting it under the stones and after I brush my fingers past the edge, I thought I saw what were microchips but they turned out to be bits of my skin instead. You can also see that there’s now a mini bevel from my uneven sharpening work but basically, the edge is scary sharp and because the blade is so thin, it’s feels even more cray cray.

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