Notable Asian Americans in the last year or so. There’s probably heaps more, even obvious one but whatever, I’m not gonna trawl the interweb to include every last person I don’t know about. Yellow power is on the rise again in the US.

In fashion, you’ve got Alexander Wang, Philip Lim and Richard Chai.

In food, there’s David Chang, Danny Bowien and Anthony Myint.

In comedy, there’s Ken Jeong, Russell Peters, John Cho & Kal Penn.

In art, David Choe.

I know it’s just been 6 games and all that but a game winning 3 with 0.5s left on the clock? Plus he headfaked and drove to the hoop with contact for a 3 point play to tie the game just before the buzzer beater. He has the highest points total in the first 5 starts of any player in the history of the NBA, just surpassing Shaquille O’Neal after the game against the Raptors. No one of any other race, creed or color has had such an amazing start in basketball. It’s Lin-sane.

Jeremy Lin is a poster boy for yellow skinned Asians everywhere. Not just Asian Americans. Actually, I think even a lotta non yellow Asians all over the world are proud of him. Maybe its because Asian Americans always get the tag of being the model minority. Maybe its because so few truly succeed even though the majority have stunning grades and educational track records.

Here’s a guy who went to fucking Harvard and looked like he was never gonna make the NBA proper. He eventually made it to Golden State but nothing really happened until he got traded to the Knicks who actually chucked him around a bit until they had a couple injuries to their point guards. Enter the dragon Lin and the guy just grabs the opportunity by the balls and he’s making his 15 minutes count. Well, to be fair, 6 games is really a little more than that though. The things that people pick up about him are that he’s 200+ pounds at 6’3. He’s not small even though he looks it. He can take the hits and he’s got the speed, dribbling, passing and shooting ability of any good point guard. Plus, he’s a clutch player.

Skip to 3:04 where his alma mater gets a mention and 5:24 for the finale. Everyday I’m Hust-Lin.