Citroen recently launched this newish campaign in Aus. They call it “Anti-Retro”. They made an ad campaign featuring Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon clips with the audio swopped out to say things that blast the retro trend in cars. The DS3 is pretty much really a C3 but at the same time, it’s shockingly non conformist in terms of its looks. When I first saw it, I wasn’t entirely sure about it but right now, I’ll say that I like specific details like the 3/4 fin pillar and the rear lights and stuff plus all the color options etc but I’m not huge about the front end. Way too clunky and chunky.

On the other side of France, we’ve got Renault and their Megane RS 250. Or even the 2012 RS 265. My dad used to have an orange Megane RS back when they had that bum that stuck out a lot and I thought was really funny and interesting. This one is a dramatic shift away from that into a more sculpted Chris Bangle on the sides kinda look. Normally, that would’ve been a bad thing for me but I really like how aggressive the Megane RS looks and again how non retro it is whilst still being attractive. I suppose you could say it looks like a VW Scirocco with a lot more spunk, like some neofuturistic punk version of it. This car I wholeheartedly adore.