For some absurd reason, I found myself reading the wiki page for Tim Tams and there, I learned of this occult practice called the “Tim Tam Slam”. Apparently, practitioners chew off both ends of a single Tim Tam and then proceed to dunk it into some form of liquid before sucking the liquid through the Tim Tam, which turns soggy and moist and probably half dissolves/melts the choc coating particularly if said beverage were to be warm.

I would totally do this. With a modified “Tim Tam” and some alcohol somewhere along the line. Like a cross between an affogato and a flaming lamborghini for middleaged men in tights.

So um, frozen choc coating obviously, with the same malted biscuit layers separated by chocolate parfait and you probably suck up some frangelico and coffee. The catch is getting the coating to stay frozen whilst the center biscuit layers aren’t really rock hard. Of course, the biscuit needn’t be the traditional biscuit like with flour and shit. It could be like some aerated crunchy honeycomby thing flavored with malt. But not rice puffs. Something like an Aero maybe.

Could be interesting with the hot/cold and the simple flavors plus the childlike wonderment factor. Like an edible straw that soaks up more flavor as you go along. So not too much liquid like a 30ml shot of liqueur and 30ml of espresso. Suck that up slightly addled by the interior of the “Tim Tam” and then you munch on the soggy leftovers with a shell that’s still hopefully intact but half melted in a way that M&M’s do when you hold it long enough in your mouth.