Was most impressed with the coffee here at Coffee Alchemy, which is basically a no frills coffee only cafe in the less glitzy, more industrial part of Marrickville. It’s pretty much like a hipsterfied version of Campos Coffee in Newtown minus the brownies that Campos at least has. Alchemy only do coffee. Incidentally, Marrickville has become the new hipsterville for the last few years or so with a whole host of hip cafes with lots of Vampire Weekend on the speakers last year and more so Bon Iver nowadays. Even in hipster musics, Australia is slow as. Actually, the little coffee outlet has its own name, Flint & Steel but most peeps just call it Coffee Alchemy anyway.

When I walked into Coffee Alchemy, it was through this kinda like crappy aluminium office type door. You know, like some 80s travel agency kinda thing. Blaring through the speakers was Kings Of Convenience. Someone else in the shop commented on how nice it was. How the fuck have you not heard of KoC lady? Inside is a rather spacious coffee counter with like 4 guys working and chatting a lot. I couldn’t understand why there were so many staff for what is mainly a coffee roasting station and bean selling outpost. The seating came out of a church and there were small side tables for you to prop your MbP on. I actually really liked the saucer, which was a nice shade of forest green. But aside from the music, which had by now changed into something off Radiohead’s In Rainbows and the curious decor, it was really the coffee that was outstanding.

The machine up front and center was a Synesso. I don’t know which model. I’m not that geeky yet. Anyway, the barista used a small jug to froth the milk. Individually. One coffee at a time. It wasn’t particularly busy. It was raining and shit but I’d say in the 10 minutes I sat there, there were maybe 10 people or so in and out. Back to the coffee. The leaf was beautiful. The foam crested awesomely against the edge of the glass. We’d ordered 2 lattes. I had a strong one. When it arrived, you could watch the ripples of coffee and milk trading directions in a downward convectional current in what appeared like a torrent beneath the calm top of milk fluff.

A whiff revealed a refined fragrance. A taste revealed a delicate acidity with the aroma of berries and fuck was it smooth. It’s not my fave style of coffee but it was bloody good. This shit is definitely on par with the best of the best here in Sydney. Brilliant. Shoulda got like 6 double rizzos mang.