So today, I put on my black Wu-Tang members tee and some dad jeans like Steve Jobs would if he listened to the Wu and drove to Chatswood Chase and got there just before 8am. There was already a queue. It snaked a little and then reached back into the shopping center. I got directed to the end by the helpful staff with the cute girls and they asked me if I knew which iPad I wanted. I picked out a white 32Mb 4G. They gave me a card and I waited for an hour. Along the way, they handed free water to everyone in line and made small talk and shit. At the George Street Apple store which I walked past at noonish, they were giving out brollies to shield people from the heat. It’s all real nice of Apple but I’m pretty sure that I could still pick up what I wanted somewhere else without queuing and all but it was a little fun. That certain sense of anticipation and being in a line with people who share the same feelings certainly helps to heighten it. Some dus in Chatswood even had chairs and shit haha. I think the days of queuing for overhyped Apple shit is gonna die soon, just like the death of unboxings. I read that some idiot flew in from the States to be among the first to buy the new iPad and some other guy got paid to wait in line for one as well.

It took a while for me to jump on the tablet bandwagon. When the first iPad came out, I saw little need for it. I had an iMac and a phone. Didn’t need something in between. By the time the iPad 2 came out and all the Android tablets to go up against it, I wanted one but still can’t justify it. This new iPad isn’t even mine. I bought it for my girl but I’m really wanting one after spending half a day with it. She has a wonky netbook so a small but powerful enough and relatively inexpensive tablet had to be the answer. After all, if we spent say another hundred or so, we coulda got Apple TV to stream the iPad to the TV if we wanted a bigger screen.

First impressions. It is gleaming. The screen is intense and saturated with pixels. You can’t complain about it one bit. You don’t notice the reflections on the screen from the shiny surface. It’s just deep and sharp image peeking through the beautiful display. Having ogled the old iPad and the iPad 2 endlessly as well as owning an iPhone 4, I gotta say I really like the new display a lot more. The iPhone 4 has  a higher pixel density but its small screen just doesn’t compare. This new iPad is definitely gorgeous.

Speed wise, it’s also impressive. Whether I was swiping across apps or streaming near instantly via VLC Streamer from my iMac, it was smooth as. It also loaded the web quicker than my old iMac. Crackle and the BBC iPlayer also streamed effortlessly. A 1080p music vid looked awesome in fullscreen without the pixellation you associate with Youtube. I played MetalStorm: Wingman, which uses the accelerometer to tilt and direct the plane and it was certainly engaging even if the form of the iPad isn’t best suited for gaming. This feature of course, has been there since the old iPad but it’s really crispy and lagless on the new iPad.

The new camera is kinda blah. To be honest, the iPhone 4’s is probably better. It’s 8MP vs 5MP on the iPad. The front facer is a piece of shit. But still, it’s a tablet not a camera. It works and that’s good enough. Looks stupid trying to photos with one.

Back in ’11, I had only come around to the idea that the tablet was going to be really good. I hadn’t really had a chance to see stuff like Squareup payments or flying an RC robot UFO via iOS or on demand streaming services at 4G-esque speeds with all your data in teh cloud. I’m totally convinced when 4G blows up, the tablet will become the dominant computing platform for the common man. It looked like my next computer was going to be a 27″ iMac but I’m totally convinced that I should instead spend less and get an iPad plus an Apple TV.