So I just caught wind of this show called Portlandia, which is the ultimate satire on hipsters. Everything takes place in Portland, Oregon AKA hipsterville and the principal actors are Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. They take the mickey out of everything hipster, from bike riding to crafting, pickling and everything old school. There’s a skit where a guy with tribal ear loops is riding a bike and ranting random missives like “BIKE LANE!” or “GO VEGAN!” until he gets home and has the latch stuck in his loop, which rips off pretty horribly.

I like this restaurant scene which has a couple at a restaurant inquiring pretty in depth with regards to the chicken that is on the menu. IMO, this doesn’t just run with hipsters alone but prickish types in general.

The show’s already 2 seasons strong and the third season’s slated to begin January 2013.