I had the chance to play with my 2 new J-knives and after a shitload of forum creeping and reading up on places like knifeforums and zknives and the like, I’m gleaned a lot of understanding for knives, knife steels and sharpening. I’ve also gained a better picture of what I want to do in the future as well as what kind of knives I’d need to do it. Whilst my new knives are great, I still find myself rocking up to work with my old Wusthof LCB Chef’s knife. Why? Well, it works well enough and I’m mostly just waiting for my trip to Tokyo in May, where I’ll be able to handle a buncha knives in the steel rather than ogle a whole lot online. I may or may not even buy one from Tokyo as my preferred knife might come from Sakai instead but going to knife shops in Tokyo will definitely take me right to the edge of the decision making process. I’m probably gonna lug home about 3 knives I think. Maybe 5 hahaha!

So far I know I’m splitting my gear into 2 sets. This will be collected over a longish time, much like my billion other obsessive collections of miscellany. I want a home set and a work set. The home set will be like ultra high quality and cool shit that is barely if ever used. Mostly to collect and display cos I’m stupid like that. I attribute this to my childhood fantasy of being a swordsman/ninja/samurai dude. I constantly replay this by picking the rogue class in rpgs and stabbing people in the back.

Home set. For starters, if I’m gonna cook at home, I’ll need a vegetable cutting thingamajig as well as some gear for sushi/sashimi. What I won’t need will be heavy duty stuff like butcher’s knives or cleavers. So I reckon it’s gonna be like 5 knives. A slicer, a deba, a chef’s knife, a parer and a chopper. The entire set of work knives will also supplement the home knives just that I will be buying those with a more functional perspective.

  • Slicer – At present, this spot is filled by my Konosuke HD Sujihiki. I totally see myself with a yanagiba in near future.
  • Deba – Totally want a blue #2 fish fillet machine.
  • Chef’s – Right now, I’ve got my Tojito ITK Shirogami. In future, this will be a laser like a Konosuke or an Ikkanshi Tadatsuna or a Suisin. Probably in white #1.
  • Parer – In all seriousness, I’m just gonna buy a Vic. If I’m mad stupid, I’ll get some Wa handled short petty at 150mm as well.
  • Chopper – Probably gonna run with an Usuba in the long term but will kop a carbon CCK small cleaver to represent the roots.

Work set. This set will not comprise premium blades. I mean, they won’t be cheap but they won’t be rust loving, thinned out pieces of delicacy. I’ll have a workhorse gyuto, a parer, a boning type knife, a slicer, a cleaver and a bread. The gyuto will cover 70%. The parer is for peeling onions and scraping shit, not slicing. The boning will probably do less scraping, just mostly parting meat/poultry, trimming shit. If I ever need a deba, I’ll just bring the home set one. The cleaver is for seriously heavy duty bone chopping, BBQ chopping… The slicer will step in for fine slices and finer work than the gyuto. The bread is for bread.

  • Gyuto – Currently the Wusthof LCB. Options available in Tsukiji: Sugimoto, Aritsugu A Type, Masamoto KS. The Sugimoto is probably gonna be the most inexpensive but it’s carbon. The Aritsugu is mostly stainless but notoriously hard to set an edge on. The Masamoto is carbon, really pricey and has an ugly D handle. If I can get the knife sharpened well in store, I’d go Aritsugu.
  • Parer – I’m gonna bulk buy Vic for this.
  • Boning – Probably spring for a honesuki on my trip. Carbon would be fine. Blue steel maybe. Or a Konosuke HD.
  • Slicer – Will be the Kono HD, only in my own kitchen. Otherwise, it’ll be the gyuto.
  • Cleaver – Full carbon (as in the handle too) CCK Kau Kong. Badass knife. Makes me wanna wear a Canto roast BBQ dripping spattered singlet and loosely hold a cigarette on my lower lip, ash dropping onto the hacked up bacteria laden board below.
  • Bread – Vic. Duh.

All things considered. I’m basically in the market for 3 knives in Japan. A workhorse for about 2 bills, a honesuki for up to 150 and a deba for up to 2 bills or so. 6 bills tops for all 3. Might spring for more on the deba. Next up, kop a pair of CCKs online and the Vics as well. Future purchases include the Yanagiba and the laser gyuto. Unlikely but possible ones will be like a scimitar type butcher knife and a petty. Seems absurd that a honesuki costs almost as much as the workhorse I want.

But! I also need more shit! Like stones and a honing rod and shit!

  • Fish scaler. Gotta get one of these in Japan.
  • Shapton stone holder, Shapton Glasstone 8000, Shapton Glasstone 500.
  • Honing rod. Probably something from CKTG.
  • New microplane, the fat wide ones for citrus/cheese.
  • Maybe get one of those ginger/wasabi graters too.
  • Random plastic foodstuffs. Looking forward to buying bowls of fake ramen in Kappabashi. Or a giant pig.