We back in Seoul son and we get a dinner of dak galbi, which doesn’t have any galbi. It’s just like stir fried chicken with this herby thing and veg and rice cakes and then later they add the rice. Was there noodles too? I forget… But we finish and it’s back home to sleep. We got a big day tomorrow. Cos we’re gonna hit up Lotte World! It’s like an amusement park, the entrance to which is inside a shopping mall. Which is insane. You buy your ticket, go inside and it’s another world. Lotte World. Where crumbled Pepero lines the streets. Ok no Pepero. I’m just miffed that the tub I bought got smashed by my girl’s brothers at home. Anyway, there’s a hot air balloon ride thing hanging off the ceiling on the top floor of the Lotte Shopping center. I wanted to get in that. I never did. It looks mad from where I was on the floor. It’s not a real hot air balloon, just a guided rail ride with the vessel shaped like one. I still wanted it. I did however, walk in right when the parade starts and you see all kinds of cartoon characters and bikini babes and shit. There’s like some princess stuck inside a globe. There’s a dog that looks like a gloomy Muttley. There’s pirates and knights and Egyptians and I feel like a kid again. Then we walk through the first area, which is still attached to the shopping center and cross a bridge and it really is another world now. This is Lotte World proper. For a start, I was thinking this was cool but is that all? Then I crossed the bridge and saw the magic castle and the rides and the maddening crowd. To think most people reckon Everland is heaps better. I’ll take Lotte World son. It’s good enough for me.

Today just happens to be about the start of children’s week, which means a crapload of kids! Bad timing concept. We queue up for some Gyro Swing ride, which is intense. It throws you up spinning higher and higher, like a next level Viking, only better. Then we use the magic pass, which lets you queue faster and get on the Gyro Drop, which puts you up really high and holds for 5secs before letting your stomach smash your face as it lets go and you fall. The freefall is awesome but sooo short. I liked how rickety the ride feels, not to mention the seatbelt didn’t have a fastener/lock thing. It just kinda stopped there. Actually, Lotte World is famous for having quite a few casualties, a lot of staff and also customers have actually died whilst working/having fun and shit. Reminds me of when I played Sim Theme Park back in the day. We grabbed the worst hotdogs in the world and some sodas plus a nice little bit of grilled chicken, some grilled sweet/sticky corn and also some waffles with not enough cream.

But the wooziness and tirednes starts to set in. So we take a break and get a caricature drawn, which has this little girl staring at us for 20 minutes or so. It was cute and well, easy on the legs. We walk round a bit and there’s a soap bubble extranvaganza, with these guys using soapy water and big loop things to hold up massive bubbles that were bigger than kids! We wanted to hit the coaster ride, which goes through the magic castle place but are told that it’s stopping for maintenance. Aware of Lotte World’s safety record, we’ve decided it’s for the best and head back inside, maybe for a wet boat ride. The queue takes us like 1.5hrs but the ride’s just a minute or so, a little fun and a good splash but man, that waittime is just killer.

I think we skipped dinner and went home but we had like fried chicken delivery supper! Best thing ever. Beautiful fried chicken brought to your doorstep. I previously posted about how convenient it is to get fried chicken in Singapore. But Korea takes it next level and brings it to your door. Your door. Fried chicken. Furaieeeedo chickin! Incidentally chicken in Korean is chickin. It’s good and you get this pickled radish cubes as a side plus mustard sauce.

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