Back in January 2009, I kopped a pair of Skull 5010xx from Queen’s Couture in Singapore’s Heeren which has transformed itself into The Denim Store at the Mandarin Gallery. I doled out what was then, an absurd amount, I think around 4 SG bills for the privilege to have a pair of Levi’s repros with authentic but shitty cotton stitching.

The first year I wore it, it didn’t really change much but now, about 3 and a half years in, it’s got significant signs of wear and undergone a lot of repairs, particularly to the crotchal region. The color itself isn’t too faded overall because I seldom washed it, something my mom and gf think is horrendous.

The following photos are a detail of the wear on the jeans. The back right pocket, where I store my wallet has blown out for the second time. This is mostly because Skull uses 100% cotton stitching to keep things true. The downside to this is that it wears out super quick and I get holes in my pockets inside, outside and on the belt loops. The back yoke has also given way, probably because I was wearing it really low slung the last two months and gained too much weight. So now, there’s a gaping hole on the left backside and chicks can check out my polka dot undies. I’ve stopped wearing it for a month now.

Otherwise, there’s the usual honeycombs behind the knees and fading on the sides of the knees as well as all down the thighs. There’s a few spots of wear on the front, mostly from where I kept my keys. The two front pockets also have a bit of wear on the edges because my hands are often in them. One of the belt loops has come loose on one end, causing my camera to fall off at one point. Thank god I was just getting out the car at the time and noticed immediately. The leather patch also shows some wear and is flapping from one corner.

I love this pair of jeans. It’s probably the sickest pair I’ve ever had. It isn’t the most flattering cut on me but I love them all the same. I have to admit, when I first had them, I had a bit of buyer’s remorse but because I bought the jeans in Singapore and already left for Sydney, I couldn’t return them and didn’t want to try and sell em. So I stuck with em through the really stiff phase at the beginning until today. Once it started conforming to my body, be it fat or fatter, the regret turned into love. It’s at the point now where I’m retiring them because it’s getting to the point where the repairs are almost costing as much as buying another pair but I’m gonna keep it around just because.

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