My baby Aritsugu A Type arrived today from aframestokyo! I kopped a 180mm A Type Petty for $110 plus shipping and also got myself some Shaptons and the Shapton Glasstone holder. I found that aframes had the best online price for the sharpening gear and really wanted a petty for work. Pleased with the 180mm length as I was worried it might be too long. Having it in hand, it feels spot on and perfect. It looked like it might’ve been a 150 until I put it against a measure. My 240mm Gyuto is a little unwieldy for many smaller jobs and the Vic parer is well, kinda crap so having this smaller, thinner knife really plugs a gap in my kniferoll.

Right now my line up is as follows from shortest to longest:

  1. Victorinox Parer (this is my package opener)
  2. Aritsugu White Steel #2 Deba 165mm (kingfish killer)
  3. Aritsugu A Type Wa Petty 180mm (utility knife, silver skin trimmer)
  4. Aritsugu A Type Wa Gyuto 240mm (workhorse)
  5. Konosuke HD Sujihiki 270mm (slicer)

So I actually picked everything up at the post office at 9am this morning, right when the doors opened. Got the package, walked back home, ripped it open, had a glance at the Petty and then got to work before 9.30am. How I pined for it all day. Eventually got home, broke out all the Shaptons and went right into it. Previously, I was using a DMT Coarse 325 Grit Diamond stone for repairs and bevel setting plus flattening but now, with my new 500 Shapton, it’s only going to be a flattener at most. I never really liked using it. The 500 though, is like my new favourite stone. Really easy to use, cuts really fast and feels very nice. Slapping it onto the official stone holder is also really nice. The bog standard universal stone holder I was using previously has the Shaptons almost flush with the rubber padding and the DMT was flush so it kinda sucked. The stone holder itself is hefty and doesn’t budge at all. It’s probably not worth the money maybe but it fits the Glasstones perfectly and just makes me happier. The other sharpening addition was an 8k grit polisher to finish shit with. I love it.

The petty arrived with a single bevel on one side. The other was flat. Technically, you could use it as a single bevel type knife but I prefer double bevels and the longevity it provides. I really don’t see the sense in sharpening almost daily. It’s a waste of time and a waste of knife and stone. I much prefer the practicality of a 70/30 bevel like on my gyuto or the 80/20 ish thing I set on my petty. I went from there to the 1k, 4k and then 8k and man it was awesome. It felt like my Suji. Which hadn’t touched anything over 4k. I think if I put it on the 8k, we’re talking serious sharp and smooth at that point. Really happy with all the purchases and plus rep to aframes. It’s pricier than buying from Japan but I ain’t in Japan.

I’m already looking at getting more shit! I’ve been staring at the CCK all metal Kau Kong Carbon Cleaver for brutish jobs, probably going to spring for a 300mm Masamoto Takohiki just for kicks in the future and possibly a honesuki/garasuki. Also will probably plop for an ultra thin gyuto as an alternate to my current. Gotta rotate y’know, like shoes.

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My sharpening kit:

  1. Shapton Stone Holder
  2. DMT Coarse 325
  3. Shapton Glasstone 500
  4. Shapton Glasstone 1000
  5. Shapton Glasstone 4000
  6. Shapton Glasstone 8000
  7. eBay 20x LED Loupe
  8. Ikea Vildbär