I like cameras a lot but I’m more into the kinda cameras that a teacher of mine used to call “mickey mouse cameras”. We went on tour to Europe once and she laughed at us with her SLR. I had my Ricoh that had a distinctly 90s style design with a curious form factor and textured material finish plus pops of color. It was so shit. I found it recently and enjoyed reminiscing about my first girlfriend ever.

Then I got my first prosumer in ’02/’03 with the Canon G1, a gift from my dad. I used it to document design models in uni and shot The Great Wall and the Imperial Palace when I went to Beijing (with my ex). Good times. Since then I pretty much downgraded the photo ability for pocketability. I was never gonna be a DSLR guy because those joints were mad expensive and let’s be honest, I suck at taking photos compared to real photogs. It’d be a waste of money. Actually, I think I’m ok but I don’t want yet another expensive hobby to lose money on and for once, I’m zoning out here. My brother, is totes into photography now and he’s taking better photos than me, probably. He does have a big ass DSLR though.

I used some Sony’s after the Canon. The N1 (gift from the same ex) was pretty cool back in ’05 because it had a touch screen interface rather than buttons and dials. It didn’t take really great photos but it had like a presentation mode and stuff like that. I also liked the sleek form factor. Later on, I got a DSC W150, which was totally just a shit budget camera. I even blogged about it. I was at a turning point in my life and asked myself if the new camera (girl) would replace the old camera (girl). I never got with the girl so I guess the DSC W150 sucks.

Later on, I got a Panasonic LX-3 in ’09, which I really enjoyed. It had like the worst zoom I’ve ever used on a compact but it took awesome macro shots. I actually ran with the functional aspect on this camera. I figured I was gonna take a lot of food photos (which I did) and blog/post about it so the macro on the LX-3 was gonna be sick and it was. Unfortunately, it also bulged my pants with it’s fixed lens. I even went to the trouble of fixing the Ricoh LC1 lens cover so it had like a Star Wars look to it. I tossed up between the two before. I liked it a lot but I was often careless with it and when my mom offered an upgrade in Feb last year, I jumped at it.

So right now, I’m rocking my wonderful Canon S95. It’s small, it’s compact, it’s looks like Dieter Rams and it takes decent photos. I don’t look like a blogger try hard, even if I am, when I walk into a 3 hat restaurant. I don’t look too much like a tourist either and I didn’t spend 2 large on lenses and  Freitag bags to store them in. It works a charm. Sorry Sam, you can have your DSLR and stuff it into whatever bag you have that’s breaking your back from the strain and you can take forever to pull it out and snap that once in a lifetime shot.

Fast forward to today and again, I feel like I’m at the cusp of considering a new camera. When I got the S95, it’d been out for a while already and the ugly ass S100 came out after that with it’s stupid thumbgrip spoiling everything. But Canon just came out with the S110, a return to form, literally. They dropped the stupid ass thumbgrip and didn’t change much at all inside. Actually, I think it’s a rebadged S100 because it’s like totally the same. However, there’s one big difference. No it’s not the stupid touch screen. It’s the Wi-Fi. Connectivity son, without cables. Finally, you can now shoot good photos and instantly send them to your phone and from there upload em to Flickr, Instagram or Facebook and let the digital compression on the latter two fritter your savings away when the camera on your phone would do almost as good a job. No! Like me, you want that little edge on the camera clueless. You want to know that your photo is “good” because your camera is “good enough”. Not kopping the S110 though. Not when the only reason to upgrade is the Wi-Fi. My S95 is still doing the business and doin’ it well.

Fujifilm’s new XF1 is also extremely enticing with it’s retro style, replete with leatherette in tan or red and a silver body plus slightly better specs than the S110. The Sony RX100 is still the champion in the prosumer compact segment though. 1″ sensor is serious business. Just why does it have that stupid line on the top? I hate this referential design with no reason. I tried one out. It is really good. Stupid line. Stupid price.

But neither of these cameras will provide the speed with which to inform you of the overly expensive place I just ate at with the ingredients I can’t pronounce and the nitrogen chilled cocktail I just sipped at that bar that only cool people go to or the latest piece of camo leather hyperfused, artisan stitched, donkey foreskin, Goretex, Ventile, FreeLunar sole, heritage workwear inspired, craft focused footwear by the now defunct and never again coming back but soon to return Japanese label X Kleenex flip flops only available when Mercury is in alignment with Saturn and you pay with your blood, vac packed into little ketchup sachets. I guess the search continues.