At 32, I keep reliving my childhood. Back when you were 5, you had some say in what you could/could not do/have/say/think. Your parents or guardians dictated what was to happen. Myself, being of a rather meek Asian persuasion, dutifully did as I was told. Now that I’m post 30 and not just moved out the house but the country even, I suppose I can finally chase those dreams of when I was 5.

Today, I finally get to wear shoes with velcro closures again.

Thoughts so far, these fit just like Common Projects. They do, however, feel a bit heavier for some reason. Very happy with the all black and for $250 shipped, about half or less than half retail. I’ve always kept an eye out for these online. I came across a pair on eBay with a bid of $220 or something. I put in a bid just for kicks, thinking that I’d never get it and promptly forgot about it. Then a week later, I get an email saying I won. Wow. Oh ok!