Here’s what I ate in a smashfest with the girl and my mom at Sake. Ok. Lemme rephrase that. Here’s what I ate the other night.

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  • Kingfish Jalapeno: bright yuzu soy that goes well with the kingfish, cut into beautiful diamonds. jalapeno, coriander and garlic paste add interest.
  • Tuna Ceviche: lipsmackingly tasty lemon based dressing coating fresh slices of tuna with cucumber, jalapeno, coriander, spanish onions, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato, frisee and fried onion providing texture and balance.
  • Beef Tataki: soy based dressing that packs a wallop, little salty but amps up the lovely seared beef slices. snow pea sprouts, cherry tomatoes, red radish and garlic chips on the side.
  • Prawn Shumai: simple and tasty, with an interesting texture to the filling compared to regular Chinese restaurant ones.
  • Wagyu New Style: You get nine thin slivers of perfectly rectangular beef that’s covered in soy, ginger powder and sesame seeds. I feel that not searing the beef is a bit of a waste but you get a really smooth texture this way. it’s blowtorched first and then slathered in hot oil before getting dressed with soy.
  • Wagyu Skewers: beautiful crusty little cubes of awesome. 7+ wagyu is just fantastic. don’t care so much for the quinoa and other accoutrements because it’s all about the meat. (off menu)
  • Seared Scallops: sweet scallops bumped up with savoury miso and then lit up with a yuzu gel (off menu).
  • Tuna Belly: ribbons of unctuous toro draped over a swathe of yuzu avocado puree and dressed with a spicy mayo and truffle oil (off menu).
  • Alaskan King Crab Salad: fresh and bright salad of daikon triangles tossed with chives and red seaweed in a light dressing with chunky avocado and sweet crab. topped off with a beautiful little garnish of shredded soy bean paper.
  • Wagyu Teriyaki: kinda like the skewers before it, just bigger. I prefer the skewers because there’s a higher crust to meat ratio. (no vis)
  • Miso Cream Scallops: Seared scallops served with lovely sweet baby corn and veg in a miso flavoured cream based sauce.
  • Sashimi Platter: Mixed platter of various raw/seared/cooked seafood including kingfish, tuna, salmon, scallops, bonito, cuttlefish and some various white fleshed fish I can’t remember.
  • Mixed Tempura: Prawns and misc veg. Pretty good. The batter is light and crispy.
  • Aburi Sushi: Brilliant seared sushi. You get 5 kinds of fish but you don’t get a butaney gas flavour and the individual seasonings/flavours are great.
  • Spider Maki Roll: Soft shell crab dusted in potato flour and deep fried quickly before getting reverse rolled with cucumber, mayo and rice inside and topped off with spicy masago and chives. Simple but delish.
  • Bubble Milk Tea: A play on bubble tea, it’s small tapioca sago swimming in Kirin Brand Afternoon Milk Tea topped with a white chocolate mousse, milk tea chantilly and a caramelized white chocolate/pistachio crumble. I don’t care much for the watery element in the dessert but the flavour of the crumble is excellent and I just wish maybe the whole thing was a thicker mousse instead.
  • Chocolate Fondant: Served with a white sesame ice cream, it’s perfect for a boring fondant and very light considering. Melty gooey inside is still always good. The star for me is the black sesame tuile, which has a lovely toasty flavour.
  • Yuzu Tart: A yuzu based curd sits sandwiched between two layers of brik pastry which sits atop a smush of caramelized white chocolate and served with the weirdest yuzu mascarpone ice cream. This part is great. The sauce is excellent to go with the sharp twang of the “tart”. There’s a little bit of yuzu kosho in the ice cream so at the end, you get a weird citrus spicey kick. Not that great imo.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience at Sake but I’m biased because I paid like I dunno $165 or something when in totality, it should’ve been maybe 5 bills or so. I like the food, it’s pricey and all but it is good, tasty food that always seems to be pretty and fun to share with friends. Make sure your friends got money though. Sake has now got 3 restaurants, with the ones in Sydney and Brisbane getting a chef’s hat each whilst the Melbourne branch is newly opened.

The menu has changed somewhat since I went. What I rec is to get whatever small dishes you want and skip most of the mains and share the food. It’s so much better that way because that’s how the menu was designed. If you want mains, I rec either the miso scallops or the buta kakuni.

  1. Sashimi Tacos. Fresh raw trout and tuna served in deep fried gyoza skin “tacos” topped with a tomato salsa and served with some sugar rimmed sake shots. These are just fun and something everyone should try. I didn’t cos the girls didn’t wanna drink.
  2. Kingfish Jalapeno / Snapper White Soy / Tuna Ceviche. Sake’s non sushi/sashimi raw fish dishes are excellent and interesting. The kingfish is the dish that’s the most popular but the snapper and tuna are awesome too.
  3. Beef Tataki. Unlike the other beef dishes at Sake, this one isn’t wagyu but it doesn’t need it. It’s just lovely sliced seared beef with a bang up dressing.
  4. Wagyu Skewers. Just get this instead of the “main”, you get great wagyu that’s got a wonderful charred exterior and tender and moist inside.
  5. Popcorn Shrimp. This one’s listed under the mains but imo it’s perfect for sharing and isn’t a main at all. Bite sized chunks of prawns that are battered and fried before getting tossed in a spicy mayo. It’s just simple but tasty.
  6. Spider Maki/Soft Shell Crab Salad. The maki is the best, simple maki there is, everything else just has too much new world style. The salad is actually a perpetual special but it comes with a super yuzu avo puree and mesclun rolled in daikon paper plus a sweet onion dressing and masago. So it’s like the maki except there’s no rice.