I’m checking my shit in the coolroom and the boss comes over and steals some dressings to put into coloured glass bottles. He was giving them away for x’mas pressies so I kinda gave him a hand. He casually asked if I liked Morrissey and I answered in the affirmative so he mentioned maybe getting me an extra one. So the week passes and he goes to Melbourne before coming back a few days ago. He sees me and asks me if I still wanna see Moz. I was like yea sure of course. He then says he’s got two tix but he can’t go because he’s promised his kids he’d hang out with them so he’s gonna give em to me instead. Cycle forward to Thursday and he calls me, waking me up to tell me that he’s got it all sorted, I’d be getting two tickets plus he talked to another chef to switch with me. Then on Friday, he even tries to hand deliver me the tickets but unfortunately, they only print them on the day itself but it wouldn’t be a problem I just need to drop his name.

So right now, I’ve just sat through this old gray haired 53 year old singing a two hour long medley of songs including some of my faves, like the opener, Everyday Is Like Sunday or Let Me Kiss You plus heaps more at the Sydney Opera House no less. Moz is a living legend and to get to tick off a concert on my bucket list is great but to get to do it for free because my boss goes out of his way to make it happen is priceless.

The concert was ace. Morrissey did everything, danced, pranced, posed and stripped off a shirt into the crowd. His voice was superb and he really worked the crowd a lot, sharing in a bit of banter here and there and introducing the world’s most famous Morrissey fan, Julia, who’s been to 560 front rows. One dude got to share a creepy and awkward declaration of love for the old man whilst a buncha Engleesh got to shout out their hometowns and shit. Moz seemed a little bewildered most of the time.

He was really into acting out the songs as well. Often, he’d introduce them with a bit of chatter about how he’d go to the gallows (before Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want) or how his love songs tend to be very short.

All in all, I got a chance to get up close to a guy whose songs I’ve been humming and busting out in the car and everything for ages now and it was really really awesome to see it all live and in the flesh. Incidentally, he also went on a bit about how eating meat was wrong and there was this video on the screen as he put out Meat Is Murder. For the record, I’m still eating my meat heh.