I’m looking for the following in a chopping board.

  1. Sustainably sourced wood
  2. Made in Australia
  3. Beautiful

Not easy. If I skip #2, I can easily get a board from John Boos or Boardsmith or Catskill amongst many others either from local stores or online. If I have to have a locally made board from locally sourced wood, it’s not that simple.

Australian Wattle Woodcraft is one maker I found. Of course, their website is a little 90s spartan and doesn’t list any prices. They’re located in Victoria and use Tasmanian Blackwood and also Camphor Laurel. I’m ok with the End Grain Blackwood boards they have, just not that keen on the rounded corners.


The Big Chop is located in Tasmania and they use, uh, Tasmanian woods. They make a wonderful end grain Rectangle Butcher’s Block that’s pretty massive. It’s also pretty damn expensive.


Sands Made are also from Victoria and their design is clean and simple and at least satisfies #3 easily. I like their Plain Board and also the Kitchen Board No. 1. They say the Plain is made of sustainable Celery Pine with a strip of Black Walnut. The Kitchen Board is made of Brushbox and Black Walnut but they don’t mention too much about the wood. Their boards do look a little lightweight and small.


Nature’s Cutting Boards is from Queensland and make boards out of Camphor Laurel that is sustainably sourced and really, only their medium rectangle board looks alright. The rest is either Australia shaped or free form shaped.