Seiji Yamamoto is the brains behind Nihonryori Ryugin, a 3 Michelin Starred restaurant located in Roppongi, Tokyo. I have not had the pleasure of dining there but I have had the pleasure of watching their youtube videos. The restaurant is steeped in tradition. Without a doubt, the food is Japanese food. Yet, their approach takes in modernist cooking methodology to a large extent and if one word could sum up their cooking style, it’s effort.

Too often, you go to a restaurant and you may be wowed or nonplussed about what you get but often, what you don’t see, is what went into making the stuff on your plate. Ryugin have put together a whole series of different dishes starting with a raw ingredient and taking you through the entire process of making it. So what you get to see, is every single step, although they don’t always explain what ingredients they put in.

Their channel is TOKYOGASTRONOMY さんのチャンネル and there, you’ll see a whole host of dishes. Starting out with a side of tuna for instance or a lovely piece of marbled sirloin. They do use premium ingredients but there is also clearly obsession in the technique. One of the most famous dishes has to be the –196℃ ~ +99℃, which features candywork, liquid nitrogen, strawberry sherbet, candied strawberry leaf and warm strawberry compote. It looks freakin’ awesome. Then there’s also the whole fish. First, it’s filleted and everything is carefully removed. The bones are reserved and the bones in the body are cut by a pair of scissors so they become easily digestible and miniscule. The main spine is cooked and reinserted into the body. The scales are also cleaned, dried, fried in oil and then crumbled into a powder. To finish off, the fish is grilled, whole with the flavoured spinal bone and then the scale crust is placed back on top.

Check it.