My X’mas present from the girl that I picked out for myself is a Sodastream Dynamo I kopped from K-Mart for $69. It’s listed online for around $120 so I got a deal. Sodastream used to extremely popular in Australia, died for a bit and is making a comeback. For me, it’s something totally new and awesome, home carbonation.

Inside the box, I get a manual, some warranty information, a plastic stand, a 40l gas cylinder, a single PP bottle to store the juice and a trial pack of 12 flavoured syrups from Sodastream. The cost of extra gas cylinders is about $20 each and additional bottles around $8.90 each. Bottles last about 3 years and need to be cleaned. All in all, if you’re just making soda water alone, you will save money. What you do is attach the cylinder to back of the stand. A cover hides it from view and the stand itself is reasonably sleek and simply designed. You screw on the bottle to the front and press a button to carbonate. A click sound helps you along to decide how much carbonation you want. 3 clicks is the standard super fizzy fresh opened bottle or can feeling. 2 clicks is perfectly acceptable and finer. 1 click, which I did on my first go, is like lightly sparkling mineral water. The manual suggests that you use only water and then flavour it later. So technically you’re not supposed to put milk or cream or flat cola or pure fruit juice but I think you could potentially get away with it.

Personally, I like the Sodastream because it puts the power of carbonation in my own two hands. I drink a shitload of carbonated drinks and I also like how you can customize what you make. Obviously, you could always just buy soda water and add syrups/juice etc to that but you can’t pick how much bubbles come inside. Another plus is the reusable bottles waste less and take up less space because carbonation is a cinch and takes all of 1 minute even if you prefer more CO2 than water.

Here’s what I’m putting in my fizz:

  1. Bickford’s Peach Tea
  2. Blood Orange
  3. Watermelon
  4. Yujacha
  5. Lychee Syrup
  6. Mango
  7. Strawberries

Check this 90s ad if you’re not convinced.