Marrickville has been one of the latest hipster hotspots for a bit now. Previously an industrially area populated by a lot of Vietnamese and European immigrants, it’s now home to young people and great cafes as well. Here’s a few places I kinda like.

  1. Coffee Alchemy – This isn’t technically a hipster joint. It’s one of my top 3 coffee places in Sydney and it’s a spartan setup that’s mostly just a front for a roasting facility. It’s also located in the real industrial side of Marrickville. They only do regular sized coffees, no larges or anything like that so that they can offer a consistent shot in their espresso. They also serve cold drip as well as a sparkler, which is a sparkling coffee that comes out of a beer tap! To be honest, it’s more novelty than excellent, drink all day stuff. It comes out in a tall glass resembling a stout.
    24 Addison Road
    Mon-Fri 7am-2pm Sat 8am-3pm Closed Sunday
  2. PhD – Really good pho. The soup is the draw with a really onion sweet base. Beef is good and fresh and sits over a generous bowl of rice noodles topped with some sliced brown and red onions plus some coriander and a healthy sprinkle of black pepper. Also found the squid cakes to be pretty good. It underwent a bit of a refurb and used to be Pho Bac Hai Duong a couple doors down, which had that old school look. Now it’s got um mauve wallpaper and dark brown tables. Don’t let that turn you off.
    308 Illawarra Road
    7 Days 10.30am-9.30pm
  3. Marrickville Pork Roll – A sorta hole in the wall kinda place, there’s always a bloody queue for their rolls, which don’t have amazing ingredients but the crispy bread, pate plus the weird meats plus the pickled veg plus fresh veg is an awesome combination tied together with Maggi seasoning. It also feels like a good generous serve for very little money.
    236a Illawarra Road
    Weekdays 7am-6pm Weekends 7.30am-5.30pm
  4. Hellenic Bakery and Cakes – I almost missed this place. Was walking to the car when I noticed a good few ladies walking out with these boxes. Whenever you see ladies streaming out of a shop with boxes, you know it’s filled with goodies. So I looked around a bit more and saw their partially hidden signage recessed above the front of the store. I immediately decide that I have to walk in and eat something. I am met with a packed display stand in the middle of the floor, more ladies milling and a sort of halfway house between a bread bakery feel and a patisserie. In the fridge display, there’s lots of French/Australian style cakes and desserts; classic stuff like caramel slices and yo-yos stuffed with creme pat. But they also had a lot of real Greek biscuits and stuff. I promptly got myself some Kourabiedes and Melamakarona. The former are icing sugar dusted shortbread cookies made with almonds and orange essence. The latter are honey cookies filled with walnuts. Both are old school in style but good.
    371 Illawarra Rd
    7 Days 5.30am-6.30pm
  5. Cornersmith – If you want hipster cafe, you can’t beat this little spot. It’s got a bee hive on the roof and they make their own jams and stuff plus they forage and get local produce. Breakfast is a very simple affair. You get some variety from a menu written in chalk on the wall but they clearly don’t have any stoves. Produce is Marrickville grown and not purple haze either. Coffee is good and comes from Mecca.
    314 Illawarra Road
    Tue-Fri 6.30am-3.30pm Weekend 8am-3pm Closed Monday
  6. Bourke Street Bakery – The biggest outpost of the BSB franchise also has dinners when the bakery closes! Bakery Nights are rather interestingly mystery dinners that run $65 and the menu is only revealed when you’re there. It also changes constantly and are held twice a month. Drinks are totally BYO.
    2 Mitchell Street
    7 Days 7am-4pm
  7. Serendipity Ice Cream – It’s not in the main drag of Marrickville and is kinda closer to Enmore but it’s good ice cream. You can find their stuff in groceries and they also supply restaurants as well. I could imagine going from Coffee Alchemy for a cuppa joe then coming over here for sweet ices after.
    333-339 Enmore Rd
    Weekdays 9am-5pm Saturday 10am-2pm Closed Sundays/Public Holidays

There’s a few places I’d like to add onto the list but won’t because I haven’t tried them out yet. These include cafes like Whole Bean, Double Roasters and Beejay’s and also Vietnamese restaurants like Yen For Viet or Bay Tinh.