Like all hipsters, I like folky jangly guitar music played by a guy with a beard and skinny jeans. The Tallest Man On Earth came to Sydney just on Tuesday and played at the Opera House. He reminisced about his previous trip down here which also happened to be his first time travelling like, anywhere. He was also a little odd, a little self deprecating and full of rather dry humour. His performance was stellar, even if he fucked up a chord on the Steinway or messed around with some lyrics. The guitar playing on open tuning was, at times mesmerizing, whilst his voice was pretty fuckin’ awesome. No doubt the location had something to do with it but regardless, it was very enjoyable. Near the end, his wife pops up and they sing a cover of Paul Simon’s Graceland. I think one of the highlights was when he pulled out an electric guitar for a shimmering rendition of Where Do My Bluebirds Fly? draped in swarthy guitar effects.

I think for a one man band with just a voice and an instrument, he has a brilliant sound. His engaging stage presence also helped you forget just how simple everything was. And yet, you’re sorta entranced just watching a dude sing some songs. That’s magic.

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