Since ’79, the Pritzker family has handed out awards to architects who they think are dope. This year’s award goes to Toyo Ito, has designed buildings like the Tower Of Winds in Yokohama and Vivocity in Singapore of all places, is one of those guys you’d think should’ve had the award like eons ago. One of his most prominent works has to be the Sendai Mediatheque in Sendai, 2001. The building itself is a dramatically transparent cube, with glass on all sides and floor plates supported by a series of vertical beams jutting out at various angles. It looks pretty cool, especially at dusk.Sendai-Mediatheque-parallel-nippon If you’ll recall the traumatic great 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Sendai was one of the most badly hit areas. This building not only survived, I think it’s conclusive that Ito’s design intent kept it standing. The vid below was taken by someone hiding under the table during the earthquake. Skip to the 1:10 mark and you’ll see the floor plates moving rather violently around one group of beams. It’s kinda terrifying and awesome at the same time. Horrible as the event may be, it’s marvellous that as human as we are, we can still withstand whatever nature may choose to throw at us.