Vincent Fournier has a superb eye. The Frenchman’s subject matter of choice at the moment appears to mostly revolve around science, machines and the future. His projects include one on Brasilia, the capital of Brazil filled with Oscar Niemeyer’s sculptural modernist buildings, as well as a project on robots and a project on space. He just knows how to frame and how to select and obscure. The angles, the organisation and the precise direction of all the mise en scene really results in some dramatic pictures. In a feature on Vice’s youtube channel, he nominates Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as Tarkovsky’s Solaris as his inspirations and it’s easy to see why. Sometimes, he puts a single, small person to give an idea of scale. Othertimes, he has a more scripted approach but all the work has this rather eerie, sci-fi fantasy horror film look to it.

It’s curious that his images seem so futuristic and surreal, considering that he doesn’t really do too much more than shoot what already exists. I suppose we just can’t believe that the buildings and machines and paraphernalia actually exists. Like the Kjell Henriksen Observatory in Svalbard, Norway for instance. It’s made of a series of transparent domes that cover optical equipment and it looks freaking cool already but Fournier takes it to the next level with his choice of light and timing as much as his framing. I’m sure he uses Pshop to process his pictures but that’s besides the point, which is the stark visuals that he manages to produce that have a clear, distinct aesthetic. It’s just plain beautiful to me.