Teenage Engineering are based in Sweden and make electronic music related stuff that is sick. They definitely have a steez that has an inspired by Apple vibe but clearly, they have their own ideas and spirit as well. They just have a brilliant name that somehow reminds of John Peel R.I.P. So here’s Teenage Kicks.

But back to Teenage Engineering. I first noticed them when I came across this portable electronic sequencer called the OP-1. The design was what struck me because it looked exceptionally clean and well made but with just the right amounts of quirky cool thrown in to give it character. I especially love the animations. Then I found their other stuff, which is just as cool.

They’ve got a really simple cloud based speaker (OD-11), a lighting rigs system featuring really small halogen lamps (Studio System), a electric bicycle that’s coming soon (Machina) and the OpLab, which is a board that acts as an interface between electronic music equipment, regardless of whether it’s old or new and you can do shit like connect a shoe with a gyro sensor to trigger whatever you can think of or use one of their provided sensors like the Flip sensor that uses an accelerometer to control an element. Essentially, it lets you make your own synth based on your likes, needs and wants. There’s even a bloody harddrive that’s a work in progress that let’s you scratch like a DJ with a vinyl.

But make no bones about it, their flagship product is definitely the OP-1, which is pretty expensive at $849. Everything else revolves around this new remarkable millenium synth, which packs a lot of punch into a slim and sexy little slab.

Like Apple, TE also try to get you into a system and they have a lot of stuff that feels compelling. The design of their products is a clear standout and has to be a massive draw. I think it’s been a while since I felt an honest product lust for a new piece of electronic device and the OP-1 was what broke the drought. It’s well intentioned and probably only rich hipsters or wannabes might want it but there’s no denying, it is cool as fuck and you want it even if you don’t know what the hell it is. I know I do.

You can also check out some other projects and shit they’ve done on their website, like the 22 strong robot Absolut Choir, an ad campaign for New Balance  or a super cool styrofoam turntable.

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