It’s taken me a while to come as close to a final draft for my annual NUSiD dinner menu for this year but here it is.

  1. White Soy Snapper – a dish from work; raw snapper, yuzu juice, white soy dressing, white sesame seeds and chives
  2. Aburi Smoked Salmon on Toast Soldiers – my own creation; Iggy’s sourdough, creme fraiche, spinach, aburi smoked salmon, goma tare
  3. Prawn Bisque w Prawn Toast – inspired by Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodle as well as a tribute to my family’s personal breakfast of garlic prawns; prawn bisque w chinese dried seafood, milk foam, diced prawns and garlic on toast
  4. Crab Croquettes – inspired by MoVida
  5. KFC – Korean Fried Chicken
  6. Roast Duck w Burnt Leek Emulsion – seared duck breast, crispy skin, charred leek+fried egg puree
  7. Roast Pork Ribs/Belly w Chimichurri – inspired by Porteno
  8. Braised Beef Cheeks w PX & Cauliflower Puree – eaten this maybe 6 times in Sydney, best one at MoVida
  9. Twice Cooked Brussel Sprouts w Eschallots & Mustard Dressing – from Cumulus Inc
  10. Cherry Tomatoes w Basil Oil
  11. Fondant Potatoes
  12. “Tiramisu” – one of my family classics revisited

It’s still open to changes but for the most part, this is pretty much what it’s gonna be. 2 light raw fish dishes to start, then 3 small hot entrees then 3 mains with 3 sides and a single dessert to finish it all up. It’s probably going to be 18-20+ people this year so it’s the biggest group I’ve ever cooked at my house so we’ll see how it goes. I’m gonna buy some stuff from Sydney so that the guys back home can try it. Might switch it up here or there but it’s 95% complete.

Meanwhile, here’s some pictures of 4 boules of Iggy’s sourdough and my crab croquette prep.

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