So after buying my new camera, I’ve spent a good bit of time on Youtube, photoforums, flickr and the like and notice that a lot of dickheads like to pimp out their cameras. Some dudes do it in the name of ergonomy whilst others are just unabashed in how they just wanna personalize their junk. Anyway, looking at all the shit they’ve got made me want to pimp out my X-E1 as well.

My theme is all black everything (what else?) Here’s what I got so far.

  1. Helios 44M-4. At 58/2, this is a good, cheap and reasonably fast lens that’s also quite well known as being a swirly bokeh producer. I wanted a tighter lens and at US$47 shipped, it came in pretty damn good condition. I’d hesitated for a long time because I kept reading horror stories about how ebay sellers exaggerate grossly but my 1987 copy came via emjaybe63 and is in pretty excellent condition with just a few specks of dust and cleaning marks. The exterior looks near new.
  2. M42-FX Adapter. I got this from ebay seller weakpotoman. The name sounds dumb but the adapter is fine. Just US$12 and fits fine. The only peeve I have with this setup is that the lens isn’t facing up the right way. The aperture and focal distance markings are all facing down so I can’t actually see them at all on the lens barrel. This sucks. The total size and weight of the camera is a bit more substantial now but it’s still quite fine.
  3. Matte black soft release. Off ebay again, from i-buy for US$2 a pop. I can’t ever imagine paying $20/30 for some “precision CNCed” piece of crap with a tiny little bug print or piece of exotic hardwood or whatever after I got this.
  4. DSPTCH Standard Sling. This one was a bit of a nightmare. First off, with shipping, it’s not cheap at all. US$68 and really, it’s just milspec webbing and simple design. Of all the slings out there, this was the one that most fit with what I wanted but I think I just got pulled by the marketing and the lack of vowels in the branding. Second problem was it took one bloody month to get down under. One month! I had shit shipped to me from the States in 2 days before. This took a whole month and it cost me US$24, almost a third of the cost. 3rd problem was it took me a while to figure out how to get the loops to attach to the lugs. Eventually, I found the explanation on the website itself. All in, I’m satisfied with the strap even if there was a bit of hassle.

Next up is to save up for the Fujifilm XF 18mm f/2 and maybe just throw down for an Industar 69 28mm f/2.8 + M39-FX adapter for kicks.