I like eating food and I love watching stuff about it. Whether it’s people making ridiculous shit like Epic Meal Time or the intricately detailed cooking of Seiji Yamamoto’s Nihonryori Ryugin, I enjoy it immensely.

This is the collection of cool and/or interesting food related channels on Youtube/the web you should totally subscribe to if you haven’t already.

TOKYOGASTRONOMY – The training videos for Nihonryori Ryugin

板さんの眼 (Chef’s eyes) – Videos of a lot of sushi/sashimi prep from itasan18.

The Staff Canteen – Channel featuring famous chefs and their recipes run by a UK based hospitality resource website.

wbpstarscom – Similar in content to The Staff Canteen, with a very Euro-centric focus, the channel is run by the food publication of the same name.

Chefsteps – Hipster modernist cooking channel featuring slow motion photography, immersion circulators and assorted paraphernalia.

Quay Restaurant – One of Sydney’s most iconic restaurants.

Fine Dining Lovers – San Pellegrino’s Food Magazine featuring a lot of top chefs.

Vice Munchies – Where do chefs/food peeps go when they’re not working? Munchies features one chef/food personality per episode taking you to a few of their fave places as they get food comas and mad smashed. This is real life.


Knife Stuff

Japanese Knife Imports – Los Angeles based knife store showing off their wares as well as a few prep videos and probably one of the best knife sharpening resources on the web at the moment.

CarterCutlery – Murray Carter shaves himself and makes knives and shit.