What is it with the overwrought shit in the knife world? Why do people like purple overdyed green California Buckeye with gold spacers and mammoth tooth ferrules on teardrop damascus? I must be in the minority but in the knife world, it seems to be the more complicated and flashy your knife, the cooler it is? Perhaps I’m overreacting but I cringe everytime I see someone praise a knife with hypnosis included as a package if you stare at it long enough.

For me, the perfect knife is a Shigefusa Kasumi. Not the damascus Kitaeji, the regular polished Kasumi. The handle’s just a D-Shaped Ho Wood that’s considered too basic for most. I don’t get that. I think it’s fucking gorgeous and minimal and beautiful. On the surface, a Shig might look like a Tojiro maybe but knifelovers would know they’re worlds apart. I suppose I’m just drawn to stuff that doesn’t draw attention and is more subtle, like Naoto Fukasawa or Jasper Morrison as opposed to Karim Rashid maybe. Hell, Rashid’s stuff is still cool in my book. A lot of the “design” going on in the knife world is just… EURGH!

There’s a thread in the KKF, ugliest. knife. ever. that contains some of the worst ever shit. But for me, even some of the stuff that gets praise is just horrendous.

I have less of a problem with damascus patterns than I do with handles. It’s the handles that get the most room for wankers to slap something that will scream at your retinas. I also have less of a problem with knife profiles that aren’t usual at all. These just tend to be made by complete idiots anyway like a knife that coils almost into a circle or a really fat knife with holes cut into it or whatever. That’s just stupid shit. What I have a problem with is people putting custom handles on everything and just making it look garish.

I can’t knock other people’s businesses. People who make handles and supply the wood/materials for it run an honest business that appeals to some people. Sometimes, they also have really cool looking stuff as well. Personally, I think a good example of an ostentatious looking but still refined and restrained knife is the Gesshin Kagekiyo  Blue #1 series which comes with a black lacquered handle and saya and a polished finish. The handle also gets some progressively fading sparkles that looks like stardust that’s not too much. I like that it takes advantage of one of Japan’s best crafts, lacquerware.

One day, I’d like to see something like a collabo between Naoto Fukasawa and Tojiro or The Bouroullec Brothers and Sabatier. That would be sick. Or even get guys from fashion like Conroy Nachtigall or Errolson Hugh. Or what about a Supreme branded kitchen knife? Steal that James Jebbia. A design lover/knife lover can dream can’t he?