Nabbed myself a 2/2/1 apartment off the plan in Marrickville. It’s next to the train station and I’ve got the corner northeast facing unit away from the tracks. 86sqm internal and 11sqm external, I’ll get morning sun and look out onto Illawarra road. When I was at the sales office, another dude snapped up this other apartment adjacent so he made the choice for me really. At first, I think I preferred the layout of that one. It had a double ensuite and kitchen island and more internal space plus a spare toilet for guests. Now I think I prefer mine. It’s got a long galley kitchen, a larger study nook and hallway storage. The plan is to make a custom counter in front of the kitchen. I think I’m just too used to working in kitchens. I’ve gotta have a counter! I feel naked if it’s just a galley kitchen! So I want this extra long counter. Will probably design it when I get more concrete plans etc. It’s gonna be a longass piece of wood with a metal frame below for storage and support. The floor is going to be carpet until I think I wanna get wood. We’re also going to paint the dining room wall yellow and use turqoise and mint for contrast. Here’s the overall plan. ^=existing , *=essential

It’s a small space but it’s the one that greets you. I want mine a little cluttered and I’m gonna paint a doormat with some jizz.

  1. Wooden Stool
  2. Custom Ikea Trampa
  3. Mirror ^
  4. Umbrella Stand

This is basically going to be my space haha! 27″ iMac with all black stealth mode furniture. The existing Ikea shelving will be in the living room space.

  1. Magis Chair One, black *
  2. Flos Tab T Lamp, black
  3. Ikea Alex Drawer Unit, black
  4. Ikea Lerberg, white x 2 ^
  5. Small Boxes

I wanna get stuff from Australia too. Jardan makes some nice sofas and they aren’t cheap and crap either. Gonna use my girl’s expedit as a divider and displayer. Might get an Apple TV too to stream content to the telly.

  1. Jardan Coast Soda, medium gray
  2. Bright Yellow Cushions.
  3. Coffee Table
  4. Armchair
  5. Standing Lamp
  6. Ikea Besta TV Console, white
  7. Ikea Expedit Shelf, white ^

Another important space. I don’t reckon we will entertain much. It’s a small apartment. Going with a soft round table and ideally 4 Thonet B9s. The colour scheme for the apartment grew from here. Yellow wall, brown sideboard, copper lamp, white chairs, light wood table, turqoise wall art/plant, mint painting.

  1. Round Table
  2. Thonet B9, white x4
  3. Hanging Lamp
  4. Sideboard

This is a crucial space. My “dream” kitchen. Custom wood slab with metal frame support counter is gonna be exposed and hold up some nice plates and equipment and stuff. You’ll be able to read our lives in this counter. Will stick some herbs on the end of it to catch the sun from the balcony.

  1. Custom Wood Counter
  2. Magis Stool One, white counter height x 2

The dresser is my girl’s desk haha! Her zone.

  1. Sidetables
  2. Bed + Mattress (Upgrade time! With a headboard please!)
  3. Dresser
  4. Chair^

Second Bedroom
Will rent this out and have some stuff to furnish with too.

  1. Ikea Bed + Mattress^
  2. Ikea Drawer Unit^
  3. Ikea Desks^
  4. Ikea Chair^

Won’t need much here, perhaps some small storage. We will see as there’s a storage space outside.

Sippin’ on filter coffee in the daytime and a brewski at night. Prolly get a bright red BBQ too. Charcoal grillin’.

  1. Table
  2. 2 Chairs

I’m gonna fly the flag for my girl here. I have been mightily impressed by the Samsung washer I’ve used for the last 4 years. Going strong despite heavy use trying to wash chef jackets relentlessly. On the other hand, the Whirlpool fridge ain’t doing that well. Koreans do it well. It’s good that we’re getting a gas stove, oven and dryer included.

  1. Phillips TV^
  2. Apple TV
  3. Breville Smart Grinder^
  4. Samsung Fridge
  5. Iron
  6. Samsung Washing Machine
  7. Mixer (I think Kitchenaid but I’m not 100%)
  8. Breville Kinetix Pro Blender
  9. Toaster
  10. 21″ iMac^
  11. 27″ iMac
  12. Maybe some nice speakers

Smaller Items
Basically this is down to my girl. She’s going to pick the best from Korea. We’ll add to this as we go along obviously.

  1. Ironing Board
  2. Dinnerware
  3. Cutlery
  4. Curtains?
  5. Bedsheets
  6. House Slippers
  7. Umbrella
  8. Small Boxes/Stationery
  9. Cushion covers
  10. Cups/Drinkware

Super excited and constantly budgeting and listmaking. Just threw down the deposit today too. Mad broke.