As I watched Gravity, I can’t remember anything else that kept me on a tether like Sandra Bullock was desperately trying to cling onto life. I also wondered at the technological marvels that allowed the film to exist. Whilst Neil DeGrasse Tyson and some others might’ve pointed out some inaccuracies in the film, I’m really glad I’m not an astrophysicist or I’d get annoyed by details that detract from the plot. Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar nom heavy film is stunning in terms of visuals and theme. It’s unbelievable how Bullock’s Ryan Stone manages to survive nightmarish incident after nightmarish incident but we want her to and we want us to. Stone is humanity and we need her to survive. It’s a film that speaks to the optimist and the survivor in us and does so magically and wondrously.

Not a lot of films have that one rare ingredient that makes a classic and Gravity has it. Movie magic. You think you’re there, watching everything unfold and you think it’s all actually happening. From the get go, it grips you and never lets go and you don’t want to, or you’d be floating away into oblivion is what you’d think.

Call me stupid but I’m amazed that Bullock and the only other actor, George Clooney, don’t even see each other in filming. It’s remarkable that there’s only two actors playing shit out in a lightbox/green screen suspended by puppeteers and with a headset to communicate with Cuaron. It’s on that visionary shit.

At once, the film reminds us of the fragility of life, of the beauty of our existence, the beauty of our planet and the wonderful yet scary thing we call physics. It’s so easy to forget how hard it is to actually live. To think we struggle without the need to exist in a world without something like gravity, or the fact that we can breathe freely or the fact that we don’t have shit hurtling at us all the time. Most people just spend all day staring at screens, big and small and seem completely absorbed into a world that doesn’t exist and yet, we live in a mysterious, logical, amazing world. It almost makes me want to stop typing and smell the roses or look up at the sky. But then I remember that I’m alive.