To celebrate my unemployment and singlehood, I’ve decided to further disadvantage my financial position irreparably by going on a round the world trip. Well, not exactly. See round the world tickets vary in price. Some places will give you really good deals on tickets if you let them decide where you’re going. But for the most part, a good proper RTW ticket will run you around 5k and lasts up to a year total. So you split the flights over a year. I can’t afford to travel for a year, well I can but I’m AZN so I can’t. So I just bought my own tickets and all things considered, I’m alright. I got quoted 6k for my suggested itinerary but doing it myself, I made it under 5 including trains around Europe and shit.

Here’s my plan.

  1. Singapore. Stop off at home. Chillout.
  2. Hongkong. With mum. One of my bucket list things was to visit Chungking Mansions, the California Bar and Midnight Express. The latter is now no longer but I’ll also get to checkout my heritage and the most authentic version of the food of my own culture.
  3. Taipei. 3 days to hit up night markets and reminisce about my army days.
  4. Japan. Regardless of how often I’ve been there, I still wanna go back again and again. Also, I really miss eating real Japanese food after 2.5 years of making pseudo Japanese food. This is a mainly Honshu trip involving Ryugin and Saito for starters, possibly some sickass beef, a sake tour, a whiskey distillery, knives and kitchen shit, a bowl of plastic ramen, Visvim, Neighborhood, Wtaps…
  5. Liverpool. I booked myself a hotel and a ticket for Liverpool v Newcastle. Let’s hope for some goals. The pilgrimage is happening at last.
  6. Peru. In 2014, I obsessed a lot about Peruvian food. Nikkei. Chifa. Central. Maido. Chushuro. I had to go. Macchu Picchu, Cuzco and alpaca and pisco and altitude sickness.
  7. Paris. Le Chateaubriand and Septime stand out to me as less expensive restaurants with creative menus and food. Also, Poilane, Pierre Herme, Du Pain et des Idees…
  8. Barcelona. Whilst I’ll never tick off El Bulli, I’ll be able to experience Tickets. Also, FC Barcelona.
  9. San Sebastian. Mugaritz, Martin Berasetagui, Arzak. Pintxos. Txakoli. C’mon son.
  10. Singapore. Back home. Maybe a massive cookout. I missed last year.

So basically, spend a lot of money and eat of lot of fucking good food and reeducate myself. Properly this time.